Banned for "Spamming".

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Banned for "Spamming".

Post#1 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 1:48 pm

IC NAME: Trurl - At time of Ban.
BYOND KEY: PatriotWasp
DATE OF BAN: 30/03/2019

REASON FOR BAN: "Spamming chat, Failure to follow even basic roleplay rules".
I fully understand the last part, most of this was due to a spate of rage I went through during the events that happened. I was arrested by the Captain because I put Ores into a ORM, of course I got a little bit annoyed and I acted like a bit of a Cunt (Trying to break out of the Brig, resisting arrest twice.).
Although the First part "Spamming Chat" I don't understand? LordWalnut posted screenshots in chat of my two Characters spamming the chat, but for myself on my end it didn't? I remember clicking the "Statelaws" Button 2-3 times, but it only stated my Laws once (Atleast on my end.), so I'm fully lost.
As for "He's having a Power trip" - Again, I don't fully understand, for myself on my end I only said it once, and only came up in my Chatbox a single time. Although admittidly, I was alt-tabbing between Arma at the time of all this happening, so wether I lagged/glitched out and spammed it could be the possible reason, and I'll own up if this was the case, the Spamming was never intentional.
I fully realise the error of the second-reason for the Ban, as I was acting out of order. I feel a Permenant ban is very strong for this lapse of judgement, although the Spamming I understand, even if it was on pure accident.

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Re: Banned for "Spamming".

Post#2 » Sat Mar 30, 2019 3:35 pm

Duplicate appeal. Your other appeal was already handled so I'm going to close this.

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