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Post#1 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 2:03 pm

Your Discord ID: A Clerical Error #9300
Your IC name(s): Sergei Koralev/Infects-the-Crew/Doesn't-do-Much/Resssolvesss-the-Messs/Manages-the-Ship
Your ckey: Sergei Koralev
Player's IC name(s): Connor 'Marquis' Fury
Player's ckey (if known): Marquis Fury
Reason for complaint: Subject repeatedly takes command roles in departments that he only has the most basic, if even that, knowledge about rather than picking a lower-ranked role. Example: The individual repeatedly picks CE slot even though he has difficulty setting up any supermatter engine, keeping plasma fed to the FTL/shield drives, wiring, and general problem solving/troubleshooting. They also have a lack of command presence when selecting the role of executive officer, and show difficulty navigating the game.
Additional comments: Altangy has seen what i'm talking about, as has Karmic Skink (Disc: Karmic Skink #2390)

Edit: He can not refurbish airlocks, and he hacks doors even when he has jaws of life. Jaws of life is like a staple CE thing.
Edit2: Also constantly ICKY OCKY and, yes and, OCKY ICKY.

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