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Post#1 » Mon Dec 25, 2017 5:53 pm

Your Discord ID: RemBestWaifu
Your IC name(s): Alexa Nandaka, Maddox Alekseev
Your ckey: NotTheBees
Player's IC name(s): Grant Werry, John Vasilyev
Player's ckey (if known):Thespacelego (Grant Werry) - Possibly blackman60 or cleverboy12 for John Vasilyev, checked "Who" command from roundstart compared to now.
Reason for complaint:

"John Vasilyev had put me to sleep in the hallway, when I was shouting about him ODing me with tricorzadine, then he attempted to drag me into maintenance and started stripping my stuff, I don't know much past then since my carácter was asleep. Then I shouted over them and found a gas grenade, he came back and opened the door with a hachet, I fired up the grenade and that freaked him out, so I knocked him out and kicked his ass, but he later shot me with a sirynge gun with morphine, most likely because I was asleep again and then he killed himself, or either bled out."

Additional comments: These are the words of a player who played as RD and I just did the complaint for them. And there was no staff present.

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