Project tasks reference

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Project tasks reference

Post#1 » Mon Jul 25, 2016 2:02 am


-Ship to ship combat. (Done)

-Docking and Trade posts. (Done)

-Removal of "fall down" mechanic from FTL jumps. (Done)

-Add aggressive behavior to test monkeys

(Completed) -Add a low chance to cause genetic mutation from monkey into aggressive "Horror form" creature. (Genetics)

-Implementation of hacking ship systems. (Possible failed attempt = Electric shock, ship wide warning over comms, etc)

-Implementation of "Space Insanity". Causes light hallucinations at first but can get progressively worse if ignored. Possible "weird" personal objectives at high levels of insanity. Insanity levels can be reduced by food, drinks, sleep, etc.

-Create NEW job: Munitions, AKA Munitions officer. (Partially done)

-Implementation of the low chance to "spawn" an enemy ship to board after successful combat exchange. (Currently tasked to monster860)

-Power management console. Used to set priority of power to areas of ship. (Currently tasked to CrAzYPiLoT)


-Arrivals/escape. (Done)

-Maintenance tunnels, add maintenance equipment spawns, lights, fix ALL door access levels accordingly. (Done)

-APC's and electric. Run power lines, check all rooms are receiving/using power correctly. (Done)

-Run "Pre-commit checks" on all romms/areas. (Done)

-Z level designs. Asteroids, derelict ships, abandoned stations, planet surfaces, etc.

-Enemy ship designs. (Need several designs of wrecked but intact enemy ships for when ship to ship combat yields the low chance of a "boarding event")


-Munitions officer uniform. (currently tasked to RootBEER Wolf)

-Ship Thrusters. (Currently tasked to RootBEER Wolf)

-FTL Drive. (Done)

-Shield Generator. (Done)

-Enemy ships. (Need visuals for several enemy ships with 4 levels of damage for each design. Perfect, light DMG, medium DMG, and heavy DMG. Will be used in conjunction with ship to ship combat)

-MAC Cannon and Torpedoes/MAC rounds. (Done)

-Laser cannon AKA Photon cannon.

-Droids/Cyborgs. (Currently tasked to RootBEER Wolf)

-New uniform for the captain.

-Humanoid Xenos. (For planets and certain events) (Currently tasked to Deon)

-Native wildlife Xenos. (For planets) (Currently tasked to Deon)

-Star Trek unforms. (Yellow, Red, Blue) (Currently tasked to Deon)

-Storm Trooper armor. (Chest piece and helmet when paired together looks like Storm troopers)

-Star Wars Bounty hunter/Boba Fett armor

-Tile sets for planet surfaces and fona. (Currently tasked to Deon)

-Update the abductor sprite.


-MAC cannon. (Charge up, hold, and firing). (Currently tasked to Lambich)

-Laser cannon. (Charge, regular fireX1, over chargedX1, 3 Round burst) (Currently tasked to Lambich)

-Ambient ship sounds.

-Muffled explosions. (shields still active). (Currently tasked to Lambich)

-Humanoid Xeno audio.

-Native Wildlife Xeno audio.

-NAVAL sirens/wails.

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Project tasks reference

Post#2 » Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:46 pm

Hi support,

Is it possable to add "priority" to these "followup" tasks, so that way they can be handled using MYN the same way the other tasks are handled / managed?


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Re: Project tasks reference

Post#3 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:37 am

This post is extremely outdated.

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