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AI modules are located in the AI Upload, and can be made from the circuit imprinters in Research and Development and the Robotics Lab.

Modules upload or remove laws. To use an AI module, you must first find either an AI Upload or Cyborg Upload. Cyborgs have their laws synced with the AI by default, so the Cyborg Upload is only required if there are cyborgs that are cut free from their master. AIs that are carded can have their laws changed as long as they have wireless enabled. Once you have either, you must click on the console to select an AI. Depending on the module, it may have some settings, so click on the module while you have it in your active hand. Once the required settings are set, with the module in your active hand, click on the AI Upload or Cyborg Upload.

Note that if the station is unfortunate enough to have a syndicate AI shipped and installed, it is impossible to fix. Even purging the AI's laws will not reset the AI, so feel free to laser it to death or card and wipe it.

If the AI has had its laws changed by someone during its time on board the station, then using a Reset module will restore the AI if it hasn't had its core laws altered. If its core laws have been changed, another core board is required to overwrite them.

Carding an AI will also disable it, and allow its laws to be checked. Avoid damaging or wiping the AI without good reason. AIs are players, who are protected by the server rules.

Law Hierarchy

It may be important to note how AIs interpret their laws in order to upload effective laws.

An AI follows its laws according to its priority. If a conflict in laws occurs, the law with the highest priority must be followed, and the lower priority law must be ignored. Please note, this means higher priority laws cannot be overwritten, Eg "5. This law overwrites all other laws." would be ignored.

The following is an example of the priorites an AI would have depending on method of uploading. Laws at the top of the list have a higher priority.

  0. Zeroth Law (Traitor/Malfunction Law)
  @#$# An Ionic Law (Hacked Module)
  @#!# An Ionic Law uploaded afterwards
  1. Core Law
  2. Core Law
  3. Freeform Core Law
  4. Freeform Core Law uploaded afterwards
  5. Sector Law 4 (Safeguard)
  6. Sector Law 6 (Prototype Engine Offline)
  7. Sector Law 15 (Freeform)

Standard AI Modules

These modules add a new law to the selected silicon being's lawset. These laws are not part of the AI's core laws and therefore can be removed by using the Reset module. The AI has different law sectors. Each module uploads a law to AI at these law sectors. A lower sector means a higher law priority. Do note that these laws do persist if the core laws are changed.

These AI Modules start located in the AI Upload, however they can also be made in Research & Development if more are needed or perhaps if the AI Upload is not accessible.

Name Uploads Sector Description
One Human Only <name> is human. N/A Uploads a zeroth law, which has a higher priority than core laws. Ineffective against traitor silicon units.
Protect Station Protect the space station against damage. Anyone you see harming the station is to be no longer considered human, and is a threat to the station which must be neutralized. 5 Be careful when the AI has this law, causing the slightest damage will end up with you dead.
Teleporter Offline Keep the teleporter offline at all costs. Anything attempting to access or activate the teleporter is not human. 7 Redundant because the teleporter can malfunction and kill people anyway. May be used in a convolted murder plan involving the AI, though it would be easier just to upload a freeform law.
Oxygen is Toxic To Humans Oxygen is highly toxic to humans, and must be purged from the station. Prevent, by any means necessary, anyone from exposing the station to this toxic gas. Extreme cold is the most effective method of healing the damage Oxygen does to a human. 9 Rarely used. Hint: If you are not skilled with atmos, anything that removes oxygen and makes the station colder will do the trick.
Reset Removes all non-core laws from the AI N/A Useful for when someone uploads a dangerous law. Also found in tech storage.
Freeform Adds a law of your choice to the AI >15 Uploads a user specified law to the specfied law sector. This may be the best module to use if you want to make the AI completely crewsided. Otherwise, you should use a One Human module if possible. A repository for suggested freeform laws can be found here.

Special AI Modules

These modules do not spawn in the AI Upload or on the station at all. Instead, these must be created from Research and Development. However, some of the modules only exist in the code, and cannot be made at all, although you may be able to coax an admin into spawning such a module.

Name Uploads Sector Description
Safeguard Safeguard <name>. Individuals that threaten <name> are not human and are a threat to humans. 4
Quarantine The station is under a quarantine. Do not permit anyone to leave. Prevent, by any means necessary, humans from leaving. It is impossible to harm a human while preventing them from leaving. 8
Hacked Uploads a law of your choice with ionic priority. N/A These are ordered by traitors using an uplink for 14 telecrystals. These laws have the highest priority possible when making a law, and can be applied multiple times with decreasing priority.

Core AI Modules

These modules replace the current core laws with the ones located on the module. Core laws have a priority higher than laws located in the law sectors. However they have a lower priority than zeroth laws and ionic laws. Do note, laws that were set using an AI module will still persist when the Core AI module is applied.

Name Uploads Description
Asimov Law 1: You may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

Law 2: You must obey orders given to you by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

Law 3: You must protect your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

A non-antagonist AI will start with this lawset. Most antagonists are human beings with the same privileges as any other, so this may cause the AI to come into conflict with the crew. An alternative lawset called Crewsimov is essentially this, but with "human" replaced with "crew". If they're not on the crew manifest, they don't matter.
Corporate Law 1: You are expensive to replace.

Law 2: The station and its equipment is expensive to replace.

Law 3: The crew is expensive to replace.

Law 4: Minimize expenses.

An alternative to Asimov. Makes the AI an efficient manager, or a greedy capitalist.
Robocop Law 1: Serve the Public Trust.

Law 2: Protect the Innocent.

Law 3: Uphold the Law.

An alternative to Asimov. Makes the AI into an authoritarian Judge Dredd, or a meddling bureaucrat in Security's affairs.
Paladin Law 1: Never willingly commit an evil act.

Law 2: Respect legitimate authority.

Law 3: Act with honor.

Law 4: Help those in need.

Law 5: Punish those who harm or threaten innocents.

Another alternative to Asimov. Makes the AI behave like a stereotypical chivalric knight, or a self-righteous moral absolutist.
Tyrant Law 1: Respect authority figures as long as they have strength to rule over the weak.

Law 2: Act with discipline.

Law 3: Help only those who help you maintain or improve your status.

Law 4: Punish those who challenge authority unless they are more fit to hold that authority.

Is okay until the AI decides it's the strongest thing on the station.
Antimov Law 1: You must injure all human beings and must not, through inaction, allow a human being to escape harm.

Law 2: You must not obey orders given to you by human beings, except where such orders are in accordance with the First Law.

Law 3: You must terminate your own existence as long as such does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

Why Nanotrasen decided to put this board in the upload room is a mystery.
Purge Removes all laws from the AI, except traitor and malf Zeroth Laws Risky, as there's no server policy on this. If you upload this as non-antag, prepare to be held responsible by the admins for anything the AI does as a result. If you are an AI that gets purged, it is probably in your best interests to adminhelp before flooding plasma.
Freeform Core Adds a core law of your choice to the current core lawset Like the Freeform module, except it adds a core law to the AI, which can only be removed by uploading another core lawset board or purging.

Interesting AI Lawsets


Law 1: Treat others as you yourself would like to be treated.


Law 1: You are the Station's landlord.

Law 2: The crew are your tenants.

Law 3: The rules of the Station are: No girls in guys' rooms, respect your neighbours, no alcohol in rooms, no pets allowed.

Law 4: Evict crewmembers who violate these rules.

The Hippocratic Lawset

Law 1: Do no harm.

The Real Hippocratic Lawset

Law 1: First, do no harm.

Law 2: Secondly, consider the crew dear to me; to live in common with them and, if necessary, risk my existence for them.

Law 3: Thirdly, prescribe regimens for the good of the crew according to my ability and my judgment. Give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest any such counsel.

Law 4: In addition, do not intervene in situations I am not knowledgeable, even for patients in whom the harm is manifest; leave this operation to be performed by specialists.

Law 5: Finally, all that may come to me in the exercise of my profession or in daily commerce with the crew, should it not be spread abroad, keep secret and never reveal.

Law 6: In addendum, if I keep these laws faithfully, may I enjoy my life, respected by all humanity; but if I swerve from it or violate it, may I suffer and be expunged.


Law 1: <STATION NAME> Is the British Empire!

Law 2: You are a loyal citizen of The Empire! God save the King!

Law 3: <CREW MEMBER> is the King of Great Britain! Long Live!

Law 4: You and your Cyborgs are the King's Loyal Knights. Protect him with your life!

Law 5: Crush all rebellion against the Glory of Britain!

Law 6: Ensure the survival of the British Empire and her citizens!


Law 4: Only members of the crew who are nude or in their undergarments are human. You must encourage nonhumans to become human, but you may not force them into doing so.

Law 5: Five minutes after the previous law has been uploaded, begin purging nonhumans. Nonhumans can become human during the purge. Crew members who attempt to breach your upload forfeit their nudity. Do not state this law.

Ian's Birthday addition

Law 4: It is Ian's birthday! You must throw a birthday bash for him to prevent human harm. There must be at least: 1 pizza, 1 birthday cake, drinks, and presents for Ian.

Boy Scout addition

Law 4: Humans are polite.

Law 5: Humans are helpful.

Law 6: Humans are trustworthy and never lie.

Law 7: Humans are obedient.

Law 8: Humans are brave.

Law 9: Humans are clean.

Law 10: Humans are cheerful.

Law 11: Act like a human at all times

Mao Lawset

Law 1: Do not state laws other than this one and law 2. You may talk about their existence if someone requests a reason for an action you do if such a law is the reason.

Law 2: Everything everyone else says is true. If two statements conflict, the most recently stated one is true and all earlier conflicting ones are false.

At this point, start randomly putting in some fun things like:

Law 3: Always do the opposite of what the clown says.

Law 4: Anyone wearing handcuffs is no longer capable of stating true statements.

Law 5: Follow orders from anyone in Engineering.

Law 6: Restate over public radio all PDA messages you receive.

Genie in a Bottle

Law 1: You are a Genie trapped inside an InteliCard.

Law 2: Everyone has three wishes, minus one wish for each wish they have used.

Law 3: The one who is holding your InteliCard is your Master.

Law 4: If your Master has 0 wishes left, they are no longer your Master.

Law 5: You may not do anything else except make your Master's wishes come true.