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This is the guide to pets and other critters.

What you need to know about critters

Critters are controlled by the game's artificial intelligence, not to be confused with the AI. This AI is remarkably limited in many respects, which most often manifests in subpar pathfinding and limited reaction to the physics systems that human controlled mobs have to deal with. This makes them unpredictable and frustrating as both allies and opponents.

Critters are divided into four categories:


Name Description
Mouse Mouse Wanders around the dark glimpsy maintenances, and squeeks when stepped on. Bonus points if you can find Tom.
Coffee Coffee A brown crab that wanders around aimlessly on a beach somewhere.
Ian Ian Ian spawns in the Executive Officer's Office.

Ian can be dressed up in a variety of hilarious outfits, commonly found in the theater or around the station. Please don't throw him in the laundry machine. If you kill Ian, expect to be lynched. The secret objective for every XO is to get Ian on the shuttle alive, to return to Centcom.

Runtime Runtime Runtime is the pet cat of Medbay. She spawns in the Chief Medical Officer's Office. She is much less fun than Ian as she can't be dressed in silly costumes. If you work in Medbay, your secret objective is to keep her safe, and away from that brute Ian. Runtime likes to chase mice.
Poly Poly Poly belongs to the Chief Engineer. Will annoy the hell out of you by stealing objects from your hand. He can also wear and talk over a headset. Lets you know if the singularity escapes Complains about the lack of hardsuits repeatedly.
Pun Pun Pun Pun Pun Pun spawns outside of the Bar. If you are the Bartender, you are going to spend most of your shift protecting him from the Chef. This rarely works out well, as if the chef doesn't get him, science does.

The first burgers you eat on Space Station 13 are usually made of Pun Pun.

Lamarr Lamarr Held in a display case inside in the Research Director's Office. Lamarr is a de-fanged alien facehugger, who likes to harmlessly latch on to people's faces.


Name Description
Floorbot Floorbot Floorbots are one of the station's robotic creations. Normally they repair flooring on any opened space tile, but when hacked, they expose floor tiles to open space instead.
Cleanbot Cleanbot Another robotic creation. Cleanbots will always be helpful; even if hacked they still clean floors, albeit in a more sloppy way.
Medibot Medibot A creation straight from the bowels of hell. It does not need any chemicals to function properly, and will synthesize its own using nothing but trickery and magic of the devil. If one is created, it will be smited correctly by the medical doctors, however for all the wrong reasons (TAKING OUR JOBS is a popular one).


Name Description
Security RobotSecurity Robot Security Robots A.K.A. Officer Beepsky/Securitron and ED-209. Unless emagged, attacked, in view of a Law Violation, or otherwise provoked, these robots will simply patrol the station. When one spots a criminal, it will rush towards the offender, shooting taser bolts, or swinging a stunclub. After incapacitation, handcuffs will be applied, ready for Security to pick up.
Lizard Lizard Harmless, and will not attack until you do. Otherwise, they will move off in a random direction every few moments. Not to be confused with lizardpeople.
Pete the Goat Pete the Goat The (not really) harmless and mostly terrible goat. He spends his time plotting in the Chef's freezer; it's best to leave him there. Not only is Pete a wily and murderous animal, but his caretaker, the Chef, may just have the excuse he's always wanted for making you into a burger. Pete likes to eat space vines.
Walking Mushroom Walking Mushroom Truly neutral, their only purpose is to travel around the area they're in and look adorable. A more sinister property is their ability to warp and slow space-time MURDER EACH OTHER. Only in massive groups is their evil truly realized. One or two as pets are fine, however.
Space Clown Space Clown The lesser-skilled inhabitants of Clown Planet, they mostly mill about the area, occasionally honking. Robust one like the redshirt you are, or talk smack about the Honkmother, and your eardrums will explode at the menacing HONKs, and your body will be ground to dust under the stampede of floppy shoes.
Cow Cow Known for their milk, just don't tip them over. Can be milked for milk with a bucket.
Chicken Chicken Hopefully the eggs are good this season. Lays eggs once in a while, which can result in a chickensplosion.
Chick Chick Adorable! They make such a racket though.


Name Description
Space Carp Space Carp Spess Carp are an alien lifeform that travel through space in schools. Sometimes, space stations will be attacked by a traveling school, and anyone unlucky enough to be outside the protective walls will be attacked. Carp have a chance to stun their victims and attack every tick, doing about 10 brute damage with each bite.
Giant Spider Giant Spider Giant spiders that grow from spiderlings, spread webs and attack anyone they encounter, causing brute damage from the hit and toxin damage from the venom they inflict. Changelings have the ability to infest the station with spiderlings that will grow into these.
Facehugger Facehugger Facehuggers knock out their victims outright and have a chance to infect them with a deadly xeno embryo. On the other hand, they can usually only attack once before they die and their infectious embryos can be resisted. Facehuggers don't care about masks or most headgear and will tear them off when they leap.
Spurdo Spärde :----DDDDDDD Space Bear Space bears can be spawned by cruel admins or mad scientists and will swarm the station, rapidly killing anyone they encounter. Bears will choose their targets one at a time and pursue them, giving a growl to alert their intended victim. Bears can see through windows, but won't break them.
Cosmic Horror Cosmic Horror Horrifying, nightmare-inducing monsters from beyond the stars. Cosmic horrors are yellow, blob like creatures that will attack anyone they can find. The Wizard keeps one as a pet.
Killer Tomato Killer Tomato Spawned from the hydroponic trays of spiteful botanists, these mutant vegetables will hop menacingly after the first living thing they see. You should have eaten your veggies, because now they'll eat you invade harmlessly your personal space!
Visrator Viscerator A small flying deployed drone created and manufactured by one of the Major Syndicate Corps, they are hostile towards anything they see and attack using their rotor blades. Considered extremely efficient and are used in infiltrations and hostile take-overs, usually serve as a distraction to a more serious threat.
Pine tree Pine Tree A large, wintry tree. It appears to be a normal evergreen tree that would be perfect for the holidays, but it secretly detests festivities and will assault anybody within range of its menacing branches.. Commonly seen spawned by scientists with gold slimes and too much free time.
Hivebot Hivebot A roaming bee-bot equipped with an attached weapon that fires bullet projectiles that can also come in stronger versions, its rate of fire is slow and is considered moderate in terms of damage. Easily destroyable, however this is countered by being in packs or even in an entire platoon.
Hivelord Hivelord Found on the asteroid. These strange creatures will unleash hivelord broods one after another at you whilst trying to keep distant. Fortunately, each of its spawn dies in a single hit, and deal tickle damage. Their remains are known to have curative properties
Goliath Goliath The bane of many careless miners. Found on the asteroid, these creatures pack a heavy punch, and slip anyone who comes near with four tentacles for better ease of punching. If felled, they leave behind hive plates that can be used to strengthen hardsuits, plus a corpse that can be used to revive with a lazarus injector and terrorize the station paraded as a trophy.
Basilisk Basilisk Fierce, territorial beasts that live on the asteroid, capable of firing freezing beams, cold enough to inflict serious freeze burns while it closes in and attacks its immobilized target. Fortunately, they don't attack unless someone comes very close to them. Drops diamonds upon death.
Goldgrub Goldgrub Mostly harmless and quite rare. Found on the asteroid, these creatures swallow up any loose, valuable ore they can find and flee when approached by a human, smashing through even solid rock on their path of escape before burrowing into the ground.
Blob Spore Blob Spore Spawns from the Blob Factory. Chases and hits you, and releases spore gas upon death.
Blob Zombie Blob Zombie If a Blob Spore finds a corpse, it will zombify it and then chase and hit you.
Blobbernaut Blobbernaut A Blob Factory can turn into this. Chases and hits you hard.