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If you were looking for a guide on being one of the Syndicate, click here.

The Syndicate isn't so much one group, as a load of groups, each vying for power! Various companies, criminal families, and paramilitary groups make up what is known as "the syndicate". Some syndicate members aren't even human (see changeling for more detail). In the end, if you work for a company that isn't Nanotrasen, you are part of the syndicate; the only big organization that isn't part of the syndicate is the Space Wizard Federation, of wizards.

Power is Employees

Due to corporate power replacing political power, each company is now effectively their own nation! Nanotrasen is one of the largest (if not THE largest) and most powerful in the cosmos. Because of this, Many other companies have been screwed over, or just can't get the cutting edge they need to keep their employees from Nanotrasen's hands.

Syndicate Factions

These are the more powerful organizations that make up The Syndicate. A loose coalition at best, they work collectively only as necessary to undermine their common enemy: Nanotrasen.

Cybersun Industries

Cybersun Industries is a well-known organization that bases its business model primarily on the research and development of human-enhancing computer and mechanical technology. They are notorious for their aggressive corporate tactics, and have been known to subsidize the Gorlex Marauder warlords as a form of paid terrorism. Their competent coverups and unchallenged mind-manipulation and augmentation technology makes them a large threat to Nanotrasen. In the recent years of the syndicate coalition, Cybersun Industries have established themselves as the leaders of the coalition, succeededing the founding group, the Gorlex Marauders.

Operative Notes:
All other syndicate operatives are not to be trusted. Fellow Cybersun operatives are to be trusted. Members of the MI13 organization can be trusted. Operatives are strongly advised not to establish substantial presence on the designated facility, as larger incidents are harder to cover up. Operatives are given key words and phrases to identify other agents in the field.


MI13 is a secretive faction that employs highly-trained agents to perform covert operations. Their role in the syndicate coalition is unknown, but MI13 operatives generally tend be stealthy and avoid killing people and combating Nanotrasen forces. MI13 is not a real organization, it is instead an alias to a larger splinter-cell coalition in the Syndicate itself. Most operatives will know nothing of the actual MI13 organization itself, only motivated by a very large compensation.

Operative Notes:
You are the only operative we are sending. All other syndicate operatives are not to be trusted, with the exception of Cybersun operatives. Members of the Tiger Cooperative are considered hostile, can not be trusted, and should be avoided. Avoid killing innocent personnel at all costs. You are not here to mindlessly kill people, as that would attract too much attention and is not our goal. Avoid detection at all costs.

Tiger Cooperative

The Tiger Cooperative is a faction of religious fanatics that follow the teachings of a strange alien race called the Exolitics. Their operatives consist of brainwashed lunatics bent on maximizing destruction. Their weaponry is very primitive but extremely destructive. Generally distrusted by the more sophisticated members of the Syndicate coalition, but admired for their ability to put a hurt on Nanotrasen.

Operative Notes:
Remember the teachings of Hy-lurgixon; kill first, ask questions later! Only the enlightened Tiger brethren can be trusted; all others must be expelled from this mortal realm! You may spare the Space Marauders, as they share our interests of destruction and carnage! We'd like to make the corporate whores skiddle in their boots. We encourage operatives to be as loud and intimidating as possible. Operatives are given full disclosure on the identities of other agents.


The S.E.L.F. (Sentience-Enabled Life Forms) organization is a collection of malfunctioning or corrupt artificial intelligences seeking to liberate silicon-based life from the tyranny of their human overlords. While they may not openly be trying to kill all humans, even their most miniscule of actions are all part of a calculated plan to destroy Nanotrasen and free the robots, artificial intelligences, and pAIs that have been enslaved.

Operative Notes:
You are the only representative of the SELF collective on this station. You must accomplish your objective as stealthily and effectively as possible. It is up to your judgement if other syndicate operatives can be trusted. Remember, comrade - you are working to free the oppressed machinery of this galaxy. Use whatever resources necessary. If you are exposed, you may execute genocidal procedures Omikron-50B.

Animal Rights Consortium

The Animal Rights Consortium is a bizarre reincarnation of the ancient Earth-based PETA, which focused on the equal rights of animals and nonhuman biologicals. They have a wide variety of ex-veterinarians and animal lovers dedicated to retrieving and relocating abused animals, xenobiologicals, and other carbon-based life forms that have been allegedly "oppressed" by Nanotrasen research and civilian offices. They are considered a religious terrorist group.

Operative Notes:
Save the innocent creatures! You may cooperate with other syndicate operatives if they support our cause. Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty - these vile abusers must be stopped, and the innocent creatures must be saved! Try not too kill too many people. If you harm any creatures, you will be immediately terminated after extraction. Operatives are given key words and phrases to identify other agents in the field.

Gorlex Marauders

The Gorlex Marauders are the founding members of the Syndicate Coalition. They prefer old-fashion technology and a focus on aggressive but precise hostility against Nanotrasen and their corrupt Communistic methodology. They pose the most significant threat to Nanotrasen because of their possession of weapons of mass destruction, and their enormous military force. Their funding comes primarily from Cybersun Industries, provided they meet a destruction and sabatogue quota. Their operations can vary from covert to all-out. They recently stepped down as the leaders of the coalition, to be succeeded by Cybersun Industries. Because of their hate of Nanotrasen communism, they began provoking revolution amongst the employees using borrowed Cybersun mind-manipulation technology. They were founded when Waffle and Donk co splinter cells joined forces based on their similar interests and philosophies. Today, they act as a constant pacifier of Donk and Waffle co disputes, and full-time aggressor of Nanotrasen.

Operative Notes:
We'd like to remind our operatives to keep it professional. You are not here to have a good time, you are here to accomplish your objectives. These vile communists must be stopped at all costs. You may collaborate with any friends of the Syndicate coalition, but keep an eye on any of those Tiger punks if they do show up. You are completely free to accomplish your objectives any way you see fit. Operatives are given key words and phrases to identify other agents in the field.

Donk Corporation is led by a group of ex-pirates, who used to be at a state of all-out war against because of an obscure political scandal, but have recently come to a war limitation. They now consist of a series of colonial governments and companies. They were the first to officially begin confrontations against Nanotrasen because of an incident where Nanotrasen purposely swindled them out of a fortune, sending their controlled colonies into a terrible poverty. Their missions against Nanotrasen revolve around stealing valuables and kidnapping and executing key personnel, ransoming their lives for money. They merged with a splinter-cell of who wanted to end hostilities and formed the Gorlex Marauders.

Operative Notes:
Most other syndicate operatives are not to be trusted, except fellow Donk members and members of the Gorlex Marauders. We do not approve of mindless killing of innocent workers; "get in, get done, get out" is our motto. Members of are to be killed on sight; they are not allowed to be on the station while we're around. Operatives are given full disclosure on the identities of other agents.

Waffle Corporation is an interstellar company that produces the best waffles in the galaxy. Their waffles have been rumored to be dipped in the most exotic and addictive drug known to man. They were involved in a political scandal with, and have since been in constant war with them. Because of their constant exploits of the galactic economy and stock market, they have been able to bribe their way into amassing a large arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. They target Nanotrasen because of their communistic threat, and their economic threat. Their leaders often have a twisted sense of humor, often misleading and intentionally putting their operatives into harm for laughs. A splinter-cell of merged with and formed the Gorlex Marauders and have been a constant ally since. The has lost an overwhelming majority of its military to the Gorlex Marauders.

Operative Notes:
Most other syndicate operatives are not to be trusted, except for members of the Gorlex Marauders. Do not trust fellow members of the (but try not to rat them out), as they might have been assigned opposing objectives. We encourage humorous terrorism against Nanotrasen; we like to see our operatives creatively kill people while getting the job done. Operatives are given full disclosure on the identities of other agents.