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My dreams have become more like reflections of the day's events instead of nonsense. Now all I see are wiki pages in my dreams! Help!

Times Hit By Macaroni: 7

  • Instance 1: Tell Phyllida to use Odysseus mech while I grab my hardsuit. Took direct hit and gibbed. Phyllida could not enter the mech because it was apparently DNA locked.
  • Instance 2: End round and it was a brawl, MAC hits while I'm on the floor. Death.
  • Instance 3: Shuttles are armed as our ship gets bombarded. Go into armory and grab hardsuit. Power fails and I am without a crowbar. Incoming round alarm sounds in the room, cannot escape. Take direct hit and helmet gets forcefully blown off. Death whisper "ass..."
  • Instance 4: Round 421. Go Captain first time, very slow start to round, everyone is antsy, have objective to kill a number of ships. After much grief we warp to syndicate system. Whole fleet is there. Round explodes next to me. Die. Looted by engineer to launch shuttles early and save everyone.
  • Instance 5: Get promoted from Assistant to Ship Engineer. Run into engineering equipment to get the good stuff. MAC round makes a direct hit on the SM, causing it to blow up without warning, blowing my arm off and killing two other engineers, one of them getting their hardsuit disintegrated. Try to steal engineer's magboots while getting eaten by imaginary singulo three times in a row. Run around and thought a gravity anomaly was a hallucination. Was terribly wrong and got robusted by literally everything in medbay. Died with CE hardsuit on.
  • Instance 6: Trying out Roboticist because that's the job I always used to play on another server when I was starting out. Discover why chainguns are ridiculously dangerous. Almost get cut down the middle, suffer heavy wounds. RD tries dragging me out of research only to get blown up by an incoming round (which had an alarm sound, mind you). Death whisper "Yep. I didn't think so either..."
  • Instance 7: CMO. Get ahelp and go into my office locker while I ghost to investigate. Solve ticket and return. Blaring alarm in my ears that makes me nearly go deaf, resulting in me taking a direct hit and gibbing, destroying all contents of the locker, tossing my cat out, and leaving only a brain behind. Great doctor puts me in MMI for me to cry over the radio. Geneticist too busy cloning assistants to make me a body. Cloned at round end.


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Monster(860) is a mememan, more mememan than mememan extraordinaire asskek, but is of the dormant subtype and will not respond to mentions or calls. This subtype, like all mememan subtypes, will respond rapidly and almost violently to the mention of memes, and can reliably be expected to appear at a moment's notice.

Monster860 responding to the mention of memes

Little Timmy Fell In The MAC

One day little Timmy set Munitions Officer to high priority, because they're a big boy now and wondered "how do i shot mac"
Little Timmy was good about listening to the Weapons Officer about what shell to load, pushing and pulling shells around
One shift, though, the MAC decided to stop moving! It ran out of oil!
Little Timmy was persistent, though. He pushed and kept pushing against the breech, who needs oil?
Suddenly the breech lurched forward, and him with it! He ended up doing a pretty sick front flip and landed inside the breech.
And little Timmy was in the MAC! He cried for help over the radio, but it was too late; a spooky pirate clanker showed up!
The WO fired the MAC and out went little Timmy off into space, to go where no MO has ever gone before....
And then he got pancake'd on the clanker's shields lol