Battle Bridge

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Engineering Area
The telecommunication system can look overly complicated, and it is.
Obvious exits North to Starboard Primary Hallway
Purpose Gives the station a way to communicate through different radio channels
Access level Telecommunications
Noteworthy contents Receiver, Bus Mainframe, Processor, Mainframe, Server, Broadcaster
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer
Security level High
Style Server storage
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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A little off to the side and out of mind, the Battle Bridge is meant to be a backup for when the real Bridge is inevitably blown up. While it's not often patrolled, its consoles will not work unless the alert level is raised to General Quarters, so it's not worth messing around with anyway. Again, the Battle Bridge is useless if the alert level is not on General Quarters. It has only the important computers required to get through a battle and, because of its small size, is a much smaller target than the actual bridge. The Weapons and Nav consoles are the main computers you'll likely be using, while the crew monitoring console can be used to assess damages. The power console can be used to control which combat-oriented components get more or less power. The ID console can be used in emergencies where Bridge Officers are not present and another crew member must be delegated and have their ID modified to use the consoles.