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Generic hos.png
Head of Security William Harshman says:
"The Nanotrasen security force welcomes you, recruit. The path you have chosen is certainly a daunting one, but the most rewarding and defining of Nanotrasen standards here and abroad!

BUT WAIT! Before you run off and knock the clown senseless with your stunbaton, you should read the things below."

Who Orders Who

  • Department guards report directly to the Head of Security, but may be dismissed from their post by the department head.
  • The Executive Officer is not part of the security hierarchy and should not heavily involve himself in security affairs. The XO cannot order security around and cannot enter secure areas such as the Armory without authorization from the HoS.

Security Equipment

Being well geared up can easily make the difference between the outcome of a tight situation. The next steps will show you one way to equip yourself, you can however wear your gear as you like.

The main thing behind this is that you want to be as ready as possible for even the most uncertain of events.

  1. In case you've just joined the security force, you need to get your security jumpsuit, helmet, armor, jackboots, gloves and a security bowman headset (which provide flashbang protection) on.
  2. Go to the Security Office and open a security locker.
  3. Hudsunglasses.png Get HUDglasses and put them on.
  4. BreathMask.png Get Breath Mask from your internals box and put it on.
  5. AirTank.png Take your Emergency Oxygen Tank (set to 16 kPa output) and put it in your pocket.
  6. Id regular.png Securitypda.png Take your ID Card and put it inside your PDA, then put your PDA into the ID-slot.
  7. Secbelt.png Get your Security Belt and put it on.
  8. StunBaton.gif Take your Stun Baton from your backpack, put it inside the Security Belt.
  9. Flash.gif Take your Flash, put it in the belt.
  10. Flashbang.gif Get a Flashbang, put it in the belt.
  11. Pepperspray.png Get a Pepperspray, put it in the belt.
  12. Handcuffs.png Take your Handcuffs from your backpack and put them in your pocket. Get an extra pair from the SecTech vending machine and put it in your belt.
  13. Hybrid taser seclight.gif Get your Taser, get the Seclite from your belt and attach it to the Taser and put it back in your exosuit-slot.

Alternatives to this setup: ditch the handcuffs for zipties, ditch the pepperspray for another flashbang, grab extra stunbaton from the locker.

You should be looking something like this now:

Security Gear.png

And all you need to do now is keep your Security Belt open so you'll have quick access to the items in case of an emergency and be prepared for most things the station's going to throw at you!

Also make sure you understand what the icons on your Security HUD mean. For further info about security equipment, refer to the List of Security Items.

Don't run around with your taser or baton out! You will get disarmed and your weapons will be stolen. Not only will the rest of the security team laugh at you, you've also potentially armed some very dangerous people, putting the safety of the entire station in jeopardy. Keep your weapons secured until you need them!

Security Robots

  • Officer Beepsky is often all but forgotten until you hear his cold, cruel voice shout out to you. Securitron models have been documented to capture even the most hardened criminals where security fails. If you're in a tight spot, you can call Beepsky to you by using your PDA.
  • While Beepsky's rudimentary orders can be accessed from security computers, silicons are not within the normal chain of command. They are subject the AI and follow the same laws.
  • Don't kill silicons for trying to stop you from executing someone. It's required of them by their laws. Do note there is a difference between a silicon stopping you from executing someone, and a silicon bolting down all of security because of one officer. They'll be treated differently.

Lawbook.png Law

Ship Law is a summary of most crimes with some suggested sentence times. Otherwise the Captain determines what is lawful and what isn't (within reason).

Standard Operating Procedures

  • You have stun weapons, USE THEM, don't kill if you're not in serious danger. See the Rules for more details
  • Be wary of people with harmful intentions, you should use minimal force, but not at the risk of your own life.
  • Communicate with your team, ask the HoS for orders, respond to calls for help, don't just sit in your office being useless!
  • If you're going somewhere you know will be very dangerous, bring a buddy with you.


Insubordination and dereliction of duty are crimes under Space Law, so occasionally a Head of Staff will request your assistance in demoting one of their subordinates. In such cases, you are to accompany them as they confront the subordinate, or are asked to arrest someone who has abandoned their workplace and fled. In either case, ensure that you secure their ID and all items related to the job (i.e. tools and gloves from engineers) and return them to the head at your earliest convenience.

The Brig / Punishments

The Brig

Instructions on how to correctly brig a prisoner can be found here.

Punishments should fit the crime. Use your best judgement and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Consider the following examples:

Robert Marshal, an assistant, is arrested for running into Medbay and taking a stethoscope. They've been very cooperative with security personnel.

  • Confiscate the stethoscope and return it to Medbay when possible
  • Remove any items that could be used to break out and place them in the cell locker
  • Set a fair timer on the brig cell, one to two minutes (or don't give them a timed sentence at all!)
  • Uncuff the prisoner, leaving them bucklecuffed is considered poor form
  • Confiscate items that were unrelated to the crime (tools, gloves)
  • Beat the prisoner unless they are actively resisting arrest
  • Give them a ten minute sentence

The shaft miner, Tyler Stevens, broke into engineering from space and immediately began attacking a station engineer.

  • Remove their EVA suit, any mining tools or other items. Have the detective work his magic on the weapons to confirm what happened.
  • Set a reasonable timer on the cell, or send then to the gulag for a similar sentence
  • Interview witnesses, the victim and the assailant. Ascertain what happened. There's almost always something else going on.
  • Inform the Master-at-Arms or Head of Security.
  • Beat the prisoner to the point where they're critically injured or worse
  • Strip their items in the rapidly depressurizing engineering room
  • Let a lynch mob harm your prisoner
  • Refuse their request to speak with legal counsel

An energy sword is found in maintenance. The detective scans it and finds one set of fingerprints and several sets of blood. The prints belong to Jane Conway, the librarian. She is subsequently arrested and hauled into the brig.

  • Strip all of their posessions and put them in an orange prisoner jumpsuit. Confiscate any contraband and turn it into the MA.
  • Inform the Head of Security.
  • Interrogate the prisoner. Perhaps they have more contraband hidden elsewhere, or they're working with another enemy of the corporation
  • Allow them to speak to a lawyer. If they wish to be put on trial, attempt to facilitate that.
  • Beat them to death on the spot
  • Talk about executing them or otherwise harming them. Your silicon friends won't take kindly to that.
  • Refuse to negotiate. There are an infinte number of options besides tossing someone in perma or executing them.

To sum up, acting in good faith and treating prisoners fairly ultimately leads to more trust between security and the rest of the crew. Every incident is different and will have its own unique set of factors that ultimately determine the outcome. Security should be busting heads infrequently.

Permabrigging / Forced Cyborgization

Captain, Acting Captain or Head of Security (or, in their absence, Master-at-Arms) permission is required to permanently lock someone up or turn them into a Cyborg. You do not NEED the Captain if the HoS is available.

Punishment via throwing them into permabrig should fit the crime. Did whatever they did to deserve such a sentence affect anyone? Were they being harmful? Are they the kind of person who just comes back for more and more constantly? Permabrigging someone for stealing something and running away through secure areas vs permabrigging someone who's shot and killed people. One is a much less severe crime.

Lethal Force / Executions

  • If something poses a constant threat, you are free to use lethal force. This includes dangerous nonhuman creatures, changelings, nuclear operatives, cultists, and wizards.
  • If hulks are smashing shit, you are free to use lethal force on them until they pass out and lose hulk after too much damage, at which point you can either take them to get healed or heal them yourself, and then brig/permabrig them. If someone's using their stun immunity to go around smashing stuff for no reason you are allowed to kill them - no reason being the key words, don't kill hulks that are breaking stuff for good reasons (like when the rogue as shit AI is flooding plasma)
  • If someone is shooting at you with lethal weaponry you are free to respond in kind.
  • Once you have someone stunned and cuffed, there is no excuse to not take them to the brig/permabrig if they aren't one of the above listed threats. Beating a common criminal, who is already down and unable to fight back, to death is shit. Some circumstances may change this. Don't let your guard down.
  • Executions are to be authorized by the Captain or acting Captain, if available. If neither are available, it is up to the HoS or acting HoS. If security are in agreement that the Captain is unfit for command, they may defer to the HoS. Whoever authorizes an execution will ultimately be held responsible.
  • When considering whether or not to execute someone, consider their crimes; did they murder people with an ebow, or did they just emag 1-2 doors? It's perfectly reasonable to execute someone for the former. Yes, you could execute someone for emagging as well, but consider sticking them with a lethal chemical implant or even sending them to be borged. Neutralizing a threat posed by an antagonist is reasonable, but removing that player from the round is dishonorable.
  • In instances where nonlethal force is not an option or not a good idea, e.g. someone in space breaking into the Armory, firing lasers at them through the windows isn't going to get you in trouble.
  • Revolution is a special case for execution authorization, considering everyone is swarming you at once, so use your best judgement. Don't forget your loyalty implants!
  • See the Rules section for more details.

Dealing With Threats, Minimal Force

As a Security Officer you are expected to fight any and every hostile force assaulting the station, from traitorous crew members to powerful reality defying Wizards to teams of "crack" syndicate assault forces. You must know how to counter any and all threats that are thrown at you, preferably with minimal force needed on your part. Remember, however, that not only is the station's peace at risk, but your very life is on the line; fail and you will die! Here is NT's staple guide on suggested courses of action against expected threats.


Single shitlers can be punished with a timed brig sentence like any other criminal. If they come back looking for trouble again and again, start asking about a perma sentence. A "three-strikes" rule is the generally accepted standard.

Criminals screaming that security is rouge or murderous (when they're actually not) should be threatened with a stint in perma.

In cases of a full-on invasion by Assistants (a greytide), lethal force (within reason) is justified. Don't be afraid to crack a few skulls if it means keeping the Armory secure.

A persistent greytider should be adminhelped once all possible IC solutions have been evaluated.

Sword.gif Traitors

Traitors range in hostility and thus are a mixed bag to tackle, standard ranged stunning is recommended in dealing with confirmed traitors. If someone is suspected of being a Traitor, get several Officers to search the person in question and possibly search their department for hidden items. Interviews with witnesses and victims can help in proving the guilt of a possible Traitor. You should generally offer the chance for a perp to surrender before engaging, unless they are actively hostile. In the case of overt traitors however you will need to respond with a proportionate level of force.

  • Improvised Weapons: Order the AI to lock down the area, assess if civilians are at risk and use ranged stun weapons to subdue the perp. They are a low risk threat to you unless they are somehow able to stun you.
  • Stolen Station Weapons: Assume they are carrying at minimum a ranged firearm capable of stunning. Ask the AI to locate and lock down the area. Multiple Officers should attempt to simultaneously attack the perp. Use of Flashbangs will prove effective if the perp is well entrenched.
  • Syndicate Weapons: Suspect should be presumed to be armed and dangerous, AI should report and track perp's location. Do not approach without backup, consider asking the Master-at-Arms/Head of Security to issue Riot Shields and Energy Guns. If suspect is wielding Dual Energy Swords, ranged energy weapons (including tasers) will prove ineffective. Flashbangs, stunbatons or the Detective's revolver will be suitable (just be sure the detective doesn't kill the suspect).
  • Spray Bottle: A unique "device", unfortunately small amounts of water can slip people for long periods of time. If the suspect is reported to possess a Spray Bottle, do not approach without walking. If the suspect is using ranged weapons in a conjunction, be wary and avoid getting into a bad situation. Consider getting Cargo to order Galoshes or ambush the traitor.

Changeling.gif Changelings

Changelings are alien entities that have infiltrated the station, they can easily change their appearance in a moments notice. If there are confirmed sightings of Changelings, be wary. Fortunately a Changeling is usually only as powerful as the job they have access to, although rarely you will encounter one with bio-organic armor, a shield that stops ranged tasers in their tracks, and an incredibly deadly arm blade. Don't underestimate them under any circumstances! Due to their abilities, it is possible for a Changeling to kill a fellow Sec Officer and impersonate him. However, you should note that they will lack a Loyalty Implant. Be wary of Sec Officers without Implants and unless they can confirm they were killed and cloned, they should be kept under watch. While you are free to terminate a confirmed Changeling, you must be 100% certain that the suspect is a Changeling before executing. If you cannot prove they are a Changeling, ask the MA/HoS to give them a Chem/Tracking implant to watch their future activities. So if Joe Innocent walks out of the brig with a Chem Implant displaying a Symbol above their head and later on you see Alex Antag with the same symbol, you will know that they are almost certainly Changeling.

The same standard tactics in subduing a Traitor apply to subduing a Changeling, however do be wary that some Changelings can ignore a stun and get up after being stunned.

Generic nukesyndie.png Nuclear Operatives

A five-man team of operatives that are tasked with assaulting your station, stealing the Nuclear Authentication Disk, and destroying the station via a thermonuclear device. You must make every effort to stop them.

The Nuke Ops are equipped with a deadly array of weapons and devices that are better than yours in every regard. Guns that can knock you down and kill you with a few rounds. Assault mechs and cyborgs that can tear a hole into wherever they goddamn please. Hardsuits that offer protections from the hazards of space and energy weapons. This is a team of five (or maybe more!) hardass sons of bitches who won't go down without a fight, and they'll probably explode if you manage to take em down. Proceed with caution.

Upon the confirmation of Nuclear Operatives, get the MA/HoS to open the armory and distribute weapons. At the same time, confirm the location of the nuke disk, which should hopefully be on the Captain, and ensure that it stays as far away from the ops as possible. From this point you should prioritize protecting the disk at all costs. Consider asking for a bulletproof vest and helmet: since nuke ops often use bullets, and that armor blocks 80% of bullet damage to the chest and head, they can be very helpful. If the AI is still alive at this point, make sure it's called the shuttle.

When fighting nuke ops, use numbers and cover to your advantage, avoid exposing yourself and concentrate on one Operative at a time. If you can attack an isolated operative, go for it. If you down an op, attempt to strip as much of its gear as you can before the op triggers their explosive implant. Remember that so long as the disk is with you, you only need to set up positions of defense, so don't give up that advantage until you have to.

If you encounter a Mech, fall back and regroup. The only way to take down a mech is with concentrated firepower or an ion weapon (like the rifle in the armory.

The Syndicate Cyborg, like regular cyborgs, is immune to stun weaponry. Your best bet for countering one of these is to flash it with your flash or a flashbang and then go to town on it with your stun baton or another melee weapon.

Securing the Disk is your number-one priority. Keep the disk bearer alive at all costs and protect it. If you have a choice between killing an operative and saving the disk, save the disk! If you lose the disk, quickly secure EVA gear and scour the exterior of the station to find the Ops. If you are lucky you can catch them trying to arm the nuke. A pinpointer helps greatly in this situation.

Generic wizard.png Wizard

A extremely powerful entity, if a Wizard is confirmed, rally the Security and arm up with the best weapons you can get. The best way to terminate a Wizard is to stick together and focus fire on them, wear them down with constant stun- and laser-fire. Do not go at them alone or you will die. If you can safely stun them, either open fire with lasers or remove their clothing to shut down their spells, do not get into melee range unless you can confirm that they cannot use Disintegrate or Magic Missiles.

Polyacid to the face can melt the Wizard's hat and remove their powers. Consider dropping by the chemists and pick up some in a spray bottle/pepper spray. Bombs and syringes also work.

If by some miracle you are able to subdue a Wizard, immediately secure them with cuffs, a straightjacket and a muzzle. This will shut them down completely and render them harmless. At this point, your greatest threat is the crew trying to kill the helpless Wizard. If you still wish to preserve their life, move to the Brig and push back people trying to kill them. Generally at this point the living Captain/HoS/MA/Clown will either perform an execution or a trial for the Wizard.

Rev.png Revolutionaries

Sometimes, a few crew members will have enough and rebel against the command staff and the security force. Your job is to stop them at all costs and protect the command staff. Revolutionaries are as deadly as a traitor with improvised weapons, however, their greatest strength are their numbers. Tasers, energy guns and stunbatons are useless against a swarm of 10 to 20 people clambering over the stunned and twitching bodies of fellow revs to get at your throat.

When you subdue a Revolutionary, you should either take them to the brig and arrange them to be loyalty-implanted, this will remove their Rev-status and guarantee their allegiance to security and the command staff and prevent them from being converted again. If you cannot get access to a loyalty implant, simply smashing their face in with your stunbaton on harm-intent will eventually deconvert them, though they will still be vulnerable to re-conversion.

Work with security to protect the command staff and suppress the revolution. Cargo will be a vital, but bloody, battleground fought over, as it acts both as a source of loyalty implants for security and a source of weapons for the Revolutionaries.

Cult.png Cultists

Similar to Revolutionaries in few respects, their goals are to sacrifice crewmen and other clandestine activities. The end result is identical to Rev in the take over of the station.

Fighting Cultists requires all hands on deck, you must be vigilant in fighting Cultists. Anyone outside of security and the Captain can be a Cultist. Work together to lock down the station, declare martial law (red alert), perform random searches and crack down on departments. Use force as necessary if people try to swarm you or follows you around.

When you capture a Cultist, your options are limited. Unlike Revs, loyalty implants do not revert their Cult-status, only prevent non-cultists being converted. As such, you only have four viable options, each with their own disadvantages.

  • Deconversion: You should be aiming to deconvert all captured cultists, however at times this may not be viable (Usually during a shortage of Holy Water). Deconverting a cultist requires you to force feed them 35 units of holy water and waiting for about two minutes. You should secure the cultist in the Insane Ward (Below the Perma Brig) in a straightjacket to prevent them from being teleported out.
  • Permabrigging: Will not get you in trouble with the AI, however there is a massive risk of the Cultist being rescued by fellow Cultists, from runes to space suits. Permabrigging is often seen as a bad choice by security players, can be used as a temporary solution while preparing to deconvert them, secure the cultist with a straightjacket.
  • Forced Borging: Borgs cannot be stunned or converted, this is the only other alternative way to deconvert a cultist. In theory, a great idea but in practice, it can backfire. The Roboticsts and RD could be cultists and hinder the effort, as well as the fact that the loyalty of the AI and borgs is in question, if the AI gets subverted by a Cultist, suddenly that small army of security borgs will turn on you.
  • Execution: A controversial approach both ingame and outgame. This removes the Cultist permanently and removes the threat, it is quick and easy without any unneeded effort on your part. However if the AI and borgs witness or find evidence of this, the AI will be obligated shut you down to prevent further human harm. Also admins have mixed views on executions currently, try and get the authorization of the Captain and/or HoS before executing to avoid any complications. Do note that if your being swarmed by a group of cultist's you are free to use lethal force to defend yourself.

Security Controlled Locations

The Brig: The Master-at-Arms runs this. If you're in here, the Armory or any other part of the security sector he has authority over you. The Brig itself has cells and cell timers.

Security Office: The Security Office is attached to the Brig. It contains the Head of Security's Office, a SecTech vending machine, security computers, and a couple of equipment lockers.

Armory: The Armory contains additional weapons and armor which the Head of Security and Master-at-Arms have access to. They should hand out these weapons in case of increased danger, such as a revolution or syndicate invasion.

Do not secure the Armory without a justifiable reason. "I expect people to try to break in" is not acceptable, that's called metagaming.

If someone is actually TRYING to break in? By all means, move the weapons. Don't move them at roundstart without any real reason other than to dick over antags who go through the trouble of getting all the way in undetected.

Arrival Checkpoint: This checkpoint is near the Arrival Shuttle. It has an ID computer that the HoP can man as well as other security computers. There is also a locker with security gear. If you're a late-joining Security Officer, it might be a good idea to take the equipment from here, assuming it hasn't already been ransacked.


So the escape shuttle has been called! Your job will be to ensure that everyone proceeds on the shuttle in an orderly fashion.

Prisoners in the Brig should only be released at the MA's discretion. Prisoners from the Prison Wing should be moved to the Security Escape Pod or to the Escape Shuttle's brig where they will be held until the shuttle docks at CentCom.

Key Points

  • Ask first, stun second.
  • Space Law is a suggestion, and is never a substitute for thought, intent, and context. Being unnecessarily harsh is generally frowned upon, even if it's in Space Law.
  • It is highly encouraged to only arrest Heads of Staff with approval from HoS or Captain (unless they are clearly dangerous).
  • Only the Captain, HoS or MA can authorize a permanent sentence or forced cyborgization.
  • Your job isn't to be a tyrant or your suspects will be praying to the Gods (read: Admins) for ultimate justice. Make sure you follow standard protocol so that the Gods smile down upon you.
  • If an Admin contacts you, please explain to them what happened. Just because you're a Security Officer doesn't mean you're wrong by default. Don't throw a tantrum, you'll only make things worse.
  • Try not to take this job too seriously and have fun.