Standard Operating Procedure

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Alert Levels

Situation Green - All Clear

Standard operating level. No immediate or clear threat to the ship. All departments may carry out work as normal.

  • Suit sensors are not required to be on.
  • Weapons worn by security are to be hidden except when in the case of an emergency.
  • Crew members may freely walk in the hallways.
  • AI/Cyborgs have no need to bolt down any secure areas.
  • Security are allowed to conduct searches of suspicious individuals without a warrant, but not random searches. The definition of "suspicious" is left to the discretion of command.

Situation Amber - Martial Law

Elevated alert level. There are reports or other proof available to indicate that there is a threat to the ship, or chaos, mutiny, or rioting are ocurring. May only be called by the Captain after a unanimous command vote. Doing so without a vote will result in demotion.

  • Suit sensors are mandatory, but coordinate positions are not required.
  • Security may have weapons visible.
  • Random searches by security are allowed.
  • AI/Cyborgs may bolt down high secure areas.
  • Energy guns, laser guns and riot gear are allowed to be given out to security personnel if the HoS or Warden agree.
  • Security is authorized to use lethal force on suspects suspected of Felony or greater crimes who actively flee and resist arrest, and suspects who assault officers without responding to verbal warnings to stop.

General Quarters - Battle Stations

Situational alert level called in the event of contact with a hostile ship.

  • Suit sensors are to be turned fully on at all times.
  • All personnel are to assist engineering, security, and medical staff with damage control, fending off boarders, and triage.
  • Security is allowed to use lethal force with extreme prejudice on individuals who actively disrupt combat efforts. Proper justification is expected after the crisis ends and use of this clause for trivial matters can be considered assault or manslaughter, depending on the outcome.

Code Delta - Imminent Destruction

The station's self destruct mechanism has been engaged due to overwhelming threat to the station. Martial Law is in effect.

  • Suit sensors are to be turned fully on at all times.
  • All orders from Heads of Staff and security must be followed, any disobedience is punishable.
  • All crew members are to evacuate immediately, if possible.

Department SOP

Captain action.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Command

This SOP applies to Command staff: Captain, Executive Officer, and Bridge Officers.

Generic security.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Security

This SOP, along with the SOP on this page, applies to Security staff: Head of Security, Master-at-Arms, Security Officers, and the Detective.

Generic engineer.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Engineering

This SOP applies to Engineering staff: Chief Engineer, Ship Engineers, and Atmospheric Technicians.

Generic cargo.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Supply

This SOP applies to the Supply department: Quartermaster, Cargo Technicians, Shaft Miners, and the Munitions Officer.

Scientist generic.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Science

This SOP applies to the soon to be up in flames Science sector: Research Director, Scientists, and Roboticists.

MedicalDoctor.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Medical

This SOP applies to the overburdened souls over in the Medical division: Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctors, Chemists, Geneticists, and Virologists.

Generic assistant2.pngDepartment Standard Operating Procedure: Service/Civilian

This SOP is just here for any greytide having second thoughts the Librarian to print up when there's nothing left: Lawyers, the Chaplain, the Librarian, the Janitor, the Bartender, Cooks, Botanists, the Mime, and the Clown.

Different Situations


  • All personnel are to evacuate on the escape pod.
  • All personnel are required to assist with evacuation. All crew must be evacuated, regardless of their consciousness.
  • Prisoners are to be brought to the secure area of the escape shuttle, except for prisoners who pose a severe threat.
  • Uncloned bodies are to be brought back to Central Command for processing.
  • AI units may be brought to Central Command on portable card devices (InteliCards) if structural failure is likely or AI units wish to leave.
  • Mechs and Cyborg units are to be hauled to the escape shuttle for Central Command to inspect.
  • Authorizing early pod launches is not allowed unless there is an immediate threat to shuttle integrity.

FireAlarm.png Fire and Other Environmental Hazards

  • Immediate evacuation of all untrained personnel.
  • Fire alarms to be used to control the hazard.
  • Atmospheric Technicians and Ship Engineers are to remove the hazard.
  • Pump air back into the area when fixed.
  • Ensure the damage is repaired.

L2locker.png Radiation Storm

  • All crew to move to the maintenance tunnels.
  • Wait a while until it's safe to move again, and continue your business. Report to Medbay if you're feeling strange.
  • Medbay staff should be ready to administer anti-toxin to the ones who got caught in the storm.

L3locker.png Viral Outbreak

Meteor.gif Meteor Storm

  • All crew to move to central parts of the ship.
  • Damage is to be repaired by engineering personnel after the threat has passed.
  • Shuttle must be called if the ship becomes unsalvageable.

Singulo 1.gif Supermatter Detonation

  • Ejection of Supermatter Shard once it has reached 80% or higher if it has not detonated already.
  • Evacuation to be called if deemed a major threat to ship integrity.
  • Deploy floorbots and engineers with spaceworthy gear to repair the breach and retrieve dead personnel.
  • Equip medical with anti-radiation medicine for the crew.
  • Demotion of Chief Engineer and/or the responsible Ship Engineers and reparation of engine if no threat manifests.

Alien.png Extraterrestrial Takeover

  • Prevent infection from spreading to Central Command.
  • Destroy all extraterrestrial sources on the ship.
  • Round up all forms of extraterrestrial lifeforms and contain or terminate them, do not terminate if there is a chance of containment.
  • If extraterrestrial forces cannot be defeated, arm and detonate the Nuclear Fission Explosive to ensure their suppression.