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For the Aetherwhisp's Security Office, click here

Security Area
Security Office
Grab your gear and get to patrolling, officer!
Obvious exits Brig east, Armory west, Head of Security's Office north, Port Primary Hallway south-east, maintenance north
Purpose To hold all the necessary patrolling gear for the security officers
Access level Security
Noteworthy contents Security Cameras Computer, Security Records Computer, three lockers full for security gear
Clearance Head of Security, Master-at-Arms, Security Officer
Security level High
Style Office
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Attached to the Brig is the primary Security Office, where security members can manage records, change equipment, charge their weapons, or hold meetings. The regular Security Officer starts his shift here. The Head of Security starts his day in his private office. It is considered a restricted area and requires Security access to enter meaning if someone runs in unauthorized you should probably toss him out.

Equipment Room

The lockers in here contain everything a security officer will need to do their job and eventually meet a horrible fate at the hands of a filthy criminal. The SecTech vending machine will supply officers with extra handcuffs, zipties, flashbangs, donuts and other essential items.

Escape Shuttle

Luckily for you, the Escape Shuttle is right around the corner for quick transport of prisoners! A good officer, however, wouldn't be spending their time sitting in the office doing nothing instead of patrolling (unless you're the Master-at-Arms, of course).