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Guardian Spirit
Access: Depends on the type of spirit
Additional Access: Wherever your summoner takes you
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Whoever summoned you
Duties: Follow your summoner and do what he says; don't die.
Guides: This is the guide

A holoparasite, also known as a guardian spirit, is a special being that is bound to the single person that summoned it. It is summoned through either a deck of tarot cards, a parasitic nanomachine injector, or a scarab egg cluster. The nanomachine injector can be purchased by traitors.


A holoparasite is a special ghost-like being that lives inside of its master. It can communicate with its master telepathically (and the master can communicate back), as well as emerge from and retreat back into its master at will. If the spirit tries to escape its master and moves too far away, it will automatically be moved back to them. The spirit itself is technically invincible on its own, but upon taking damage, the damage is transferred to its master. If the master dies, the spirit dies, as well. This means that the master and the spirit will have to watch out for each other to ensure the survival of both.

Types of Guardian Spirits

When summoned, the summoner can choose between several different types of spirits. Each have their own abilities, advantages, and drawbacks.


Does medium damage and takes full damage, but can enter stealth, causing its next attack to do massive damage and ignore armor. However, it becomes briefly unable to recall after attacking from stealth.


Ignites enemies on touch and causes them to hallucinate all nearby people as the parasite. Automatically extinguishes the user if they catch on fire.


Moves extremely fast, does medium damage on attack, and can charge at targets, damaging the first target hit and forcing them to drop any items they are holding.


High damage resist and medium power attack that may explosively teleport targets. Can turn any object, including objects too large to pick up, into a bomb, dealing explosive damage to the next person to touch it. The object will return to normal after the trap is triggered or after a delay.


Attacks apply lightning chains to targets. Has a lightning chain to the user. Lightning chains shock everything near them, doing constant damage.


Causes you to teleport to it when out of range, unlike other parasites. Has two modes; Combat, where it does and takes medium damage, and Protection, where it does and takes almost no damage but moves slightly slower.


Has two modes. Ranged; which fires a constant stream of weak, armor-ignoring projectiles. Scout; Cannot attack, but can move through walls and is quite hard to see. Can lay surveillance snares, which alert it when crossed, in either mode.


Devastating close combat attacks and high damage resist. Can smash through weak walls.


Has two modes. Combat; Medium power attacks and damage resist. Healer; Heals instead of attack, but has low damage resist and slow movement. Can deploy a bluespace beacon and warp targets to it (including you) in either mode.

Jobs on FTL13


Command Captain, Executive Officer, Bridge Officer
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Engineering Chief Engineer, Ship Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
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