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Geneticist.png Geneticist action.png
Access: Medbay, Morgue, Genetics, Research Division
Additional Access: Chemistry, Virology, Xenobiology, Robotics, Tech Storage, Mineral Storeroom
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Research Director and Chief Medical Officer
Duties: Alter genomes, turn monkeys into humans and vice versa, make DNA backups so they can get stolen, clone dead people
Guides: Guide to genetics, Guide to medicine, Department Standard Operating Procedure
Quote: Well maybe if the Captain had asked before plunging that syringe into his artery he wouldn't be a monkey now.

You start in Medbay and literally get to play God. This is a very technical class, but there are a few simple things people can do that are still learning the ins and out of genetics. The main thing you're meant for: find super powers, fix disabilities, and cloning dead people.

Bare minimum requirements: Clone the corpses dropped off at your doorstep.

The genetics lab is located in Medbay. It is separated into two sections: Genetic Cloning and Genetic Research

The genetics lab is located in Medbay.

Clonebook.png Genetic Cloning

This is one half of your job. Make sure you know how do it (and actually fucking do it).

Early Ejection

If you're feeling fancy and have a fuckton of bodies which need cloning, you can force an early ejection of the cloning pod by unlocking the pod with your ID and using the Eject Pod command from the right-click menu. The clone must be at least 40% done before the pod will allow you to eject it this way. The cloning pod will also eject its current unfinished clone if the room's equipment loses power. If you get a cooperative Engineer to unlock the APC for you, you can switch the power off and on to eject the clone.

You need to finish the cloning process over in Cryogenics, so make sure the Cryochambers are loaded with Cryoxadone. Have some Mannitol at hand to cure their massive brain damage, too. This is known as 'Hypercloning', and it speeds up the process of cloning significantly, frees up the cloning machine for another patient, gives cryogenics and bored medical doctors something to do, and it's not inconvenient because they're naked coming out of the pod anyway.

Genetic Backup

You can take a scan off of someone while they're alive and create a genetic backup ready to be cloned in case they die. This is useful to those of especially high risk of an irretrievable death like the chief engineer or captain.

  1. Bug people to get scanned at genetics while they're still alive.
  2. Scan them.
  3. Press the "clone" button under their records when they die.

Genetic Research

Any geneticist worth their salt knows that manipulating the DNA of living things is their ball game.

See the Guide to Genetics when you're ready for the real SCIENCE.

Other, more subtle, modifications may be possible. As always, experimentation is encouraged!


  • If the cloning process changed your looks, you can stuff your old (dead) body in a DNA modifier, scan the UI/UE, and inject those into yourself to get your old appearance back.
  • If someone has a cavity implanted item, you can instantly remove it by monkeying them.
  • Clones start with 190 clone loss and 99 brain damage, they can be ejected with a geneticists ID at 120 clone loss (about 40% complete). The cloner takes about 2:30 minutes to pop out an almost complete clone. Ejecting at 40% then sticking in a cryotube speeds up the process by only a few seconds, but does mean you can clone multiple people at once. Force ejecting by either turning off APC power or emagging the clone tube then shoving them in the cryo tubes does finish them almost twice as fast AND means you can clone 3 people at the same time.
  • Turning off the APC's equipment power also ejects a clone regardless of health. Good for speedcloning. Clone one to 25%, throw in cryo, clone another to 25%, throw in cryo, clone one guy until the first guy in cryo is done, repeat.
  • Monkeying someone who is impregnated will cure them.
  • The Genetics DNA altering console can spit out injectors for UEs and UIs as well as SEs. This means that, if you get a willing volunteer or even just human a monkey, you can run around the ship changing everyone into the same person (if you do this without being antag or having people‚Äôs con-sent, you will get banned).
  • You can put disks into the cloning computer to save the UI, UE and SE of people scanned.
  • Vodka heals radiation damage.
  • Genetic powers have a chance to manifest everytime your SE changes. Most people inject themselves with injectors over and over to get the powers they want, but there's a trick to this: You can put a person in a scanner, set the length and power of the radiation beams to 1/1 and keep blasting some unrelated blocks. This means you get a SE change every second and almost no radiation. However, the low duration means it has a good chance to cause random disabilities. Just make sure you have a clean power SE saved in the buffer and pay attention to the block values. Even with the chance for disabilities, it's a LOT faster and safer than using injectors or copying the SE to the occupant using the buffers.
    • Use a 'safe' block for the 1/1 bursts (something at or around 333-4bb on both adjacent blocks plus the block you're hitting) and you'll have to reset the SE for disabilities infrequently if ever.
  • Radiation (and thus radstorms and mutagen) has a very, VERY small chance to give non-negative effects. One of the "Gotta go fast" schools of genetics is to hit a monkeyperson with a load of mutagen and get most of the disability blocks in five minutes.
  • It can be empirically shown that, for an unupgraded machine, a pulse duration of 4 seconds is the most efficient trade-off of time and success rate.


  • Monkey SE's are a hell of a weapon.
  • Change your identity if you're caught being a shitler. Keeps people off of you.
  • TK is still very OP. With Xray it's nigh-unstoppable if used correctly. You can:
    • Bash people with items. If they pick the item up you can still hit them with it.
    • Steal ID's out of computers
    • Steal guns out of charging stations
    • Steal items across desks
    • Kill people through cameras
    • Operate basic machinery (unfortunately you can't use the chemmaster but you can put things into it)
    • Be an all around douchebag
    • And if you have x-ray you're even more unstoppable than before. You can hide in lockers in maint and dick around all you want.:ADDED: If you use TK on a fire extinguisher cabinet anywhere the extinguisher will teleport straight into your hand, as well.
  • XRAY + TK can be used to onehuman the AI from outside the upload. Unfortunately, you cannot activate the freeform module correctly. Shame.


As a traitor, you are pretty much able to do anything you want to dead people in your lab, granted you don't have a coworker or baby sitter. After sticking about for a few moments, any security forces usually vanish from the room of medium priority targets, like the RD or CE. At this time, you can then loot their items and access, or even their appearance! You can easily replace people, just be sure to get rid of the original and wear the right clothes! Perhaps it will help you in the long run.


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