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In FTL 13, your job is somewhat akin to your character class. It defines your starting equipment, your access on board the ship, and what you're supposed to be doing. Remember, these job descriptions are for humor purposes only. Please obey common sense, Ship Law, Standard Operating Procedure, and Department Standard Operating Procedure.


  • There are many rules that only apply to certain jobs, roles, creatures, and departments. These exist to deter powergaming, griefing, and being a dick in general. They should also be located on the wiki page for each role.
  • Ignorance of your job’s rules is unacceptable.

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Job Role Difficulty
Captain action.pngHudcaptain.png
Be responsible for the ship and it's mission. Manage Heads of Staff. Secure dat fukken disk because you have to for r o l e p l a y. Twist your own head off when the walls start closing in. Have blood feuds with the Executive Officer. Deal with the Clown by loading him into the MAC. Announce that the ship will be heading for The Syndicate capital as a joke and get lynched anyway. aVery Hard
Generic hop.pngHudhop.png
Executive Officer
Realize that you're above the other heads on the Chain of Command, yell at them accordingly. Get stuck with the HoP tasks anyway. Get treated like the HoP anyway. I mean, you pretty much are the HoP, anyway. Pet Ian. cMedium
Bridge officer spitzer.pngHudU.png
Bridge Officer
Fly the ship into The Syndicate capital right as an ion storm slams the bridge. Berate Engineering for not setting up the FTL and Shields every two minutes. Go missing and have the clown show up in your place, coincidentally with your same clothes. Fire the MAC and watch the MO fly out instead of a shell. Fire on SolGov. Fire on NT. Just shoot everything, really. Rip apart the docking clamps by FTLing before undocking. Get lynched. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Head of Security
Spawn in and watch an officer stun themselves within the first five minutes. Watch as the clown runs into Security because they somehow got access. Try to arrest the guy breaking someone out of the brig and arrest everyone that was in the hallway because they're clearly all guilty by association. Revel in the fact that everyone hates you. Carry half the Armory in your backpack. Attempt to assemble a boarding party and cry because it's not implemented yet. Use the sniper against the Clown. Get banned because all HoS's are terrible unless proven otherwise. aVery Hard
Sit in your office. Coordinate officers on rare occasion. Never Watch security cameras. Steal from the armory, then order crates to cover it up and watch as the AI rats you out. Accidentally bump prisoners out of an officer's hands and watch a scene unfold deserving of the Benny Hill theme. Use your disabler on prisoners through the brig windows. bMedium
Security Officer
Listen over the radio about crime not even two minutes into the shift. Get slipped by the Clown and experience relief when they don't steal your taser. Tase the Clown anyway. Exagerrate people's crimes and max their brig time. Use lethals on someone who shoved you because shoving puts your life in danger. Arrest someone for a legitimate cause, get called shitcurity. aHard
Generic detective.pngHuddetective.png
Join the round late and find your revolver missing. Start an investigation into who stole your revolver. Find the perp and arrest and brig them. Get banned because Detective isn't allowed to brig.. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Chief Engineer
Fly around in space while your subordinates blow up engineering, cut life-support to the ship, and overheat the supermatter shard, all at the same time! bHard
Ship Engineer
Set up the singularity Get shot by the emitters. Get brutally murdered slipped by the Clown as the supermatter overheats, get drunk in the bar. Make telecoms unusable with scripts. Sprint past hull breaches without a second thought. Hack every machine to shoot things at people. Watch the clown patch a breach faster than you. Quit. cMedium
Atmospheric Technician
Your angry friendly ghetto fireman. Ensure everyone can breathe by listening to complaints about how useless you are. If they can talk, everything's within tolerances. Build pipe slides. Forget all about repairing damaged piping. Take your sweet time trying to create a direct pipeline to the FTL and Shields. Run around the ship looking like a serial killer with a fire suit and axe. Release plasma into the halls. What the h*ck is carbon dioxide? cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Research Director
Oversee the demented manchildren of your department. Build Destroy cyborgs with your magic button. Use Lamarr as a breath mask. Take control of the AI and rule the ship. Scream incoherent commands at everyone whenever an anomaly appears. Powergame for research levels and get banned. Break down in tears when you see a MAC round hit the server room. bHard
Generic scientist.pngHudsci.png
Get tossed in disposal by the Research Director, nag chemistry, "accidentally" blow up toxins, let the Slimes loose. Nag mining for diamonds so you can make two Bags of Holding to make a mini Singularity. Refuse to stop at the last three items in the previous list and accidentally kill yourself in enough stupid ways to make murder look like assisted suicide. cMedium
Roboticist action.pngHudrobo.png
Completely ignore the drone dispenser and make ghosts mad. Ping the posibrain over and over and make ghosts mad again. Put the posibrain in a mech and watch them struggle to go anywhere. Go on a date with the AI and make them human. Get the death sentence as a result. Be confused about "agumentation" and "organ manipulation". dEasy


Job Role Difficulty
Chief Medical Officer
Gently remind everyone to turn up their suit sensors. Complain no one listens to you. Help the virologist spread an epidemic. Fill your hypospray with Chloral Hydrate. Fetch Runtime mice from maintenance. Turn cryo to auto and watch self-serving assistants get trapped. Do everything. cMedium
Medical Doctor
Heal people. Use your Sleeper or Cryo to heal people. Help the Virologist research cures to diseases and create new immune systems. Try to heal people, get pushed out of the way and witness crew self-serve anyway. Chase someone dragging a person in critical around. Accidentally overdose someone with Anti-Toxin. dEasy
Chemist action.pngHudchem.png
Make safe drugs and give them to assistants for Science(!). Show security a fake waiver stating that the now decesased totally knew the consequences. Put 31u bicardine and kelotane pills into the smart fridge and laugh when people overdose. Light chemistry on fire trying to make meth. Try making metal foam and have it expand in your face because screw stabilizing agents. Preemptively make oil for the inevitable MO rushing to chemistry. dEasy
Geneticist action.pngHudgen.png
Give your monkeys Tourettes and broadcast their cursing over the radio. Clone Ignore the tide of dead bodies that comes to your door. Lose your hair. Accidentally inject yourself with a monkey SE and get impaled by the cook. Get screeched at by your monkeys. Toss past bodies into maintenance. cMedium
Expect people you've never met to already hate you, try to eradicate the great space flu, create the next Pandemic, get killed for the clown releasing Pierrot's Throat. Ignore petty details like sanitation and outbreak prevention. Incarcerate someone forever in your dungeon. Find out that MAC rounds like finding their way to your department and get blown up without anyone noticing. cMedium



Job Role Difficulty
Order EVERYTHING roundstart and prepare for the longest wait in waiting history, because you're never docking with another station ever again; the precious minutes you have to order before the FTL and Shields are operational are all you're going to get. Yell at your slaves to push crates as fast as possible. Become irate and sell your slaves all together. Watch as the docking clamps get obliterated because the Helms Officer forgot to undock. Pet Lisa. cMedium
Cargo Technician
Get as many orders in as possible before the QM flips out. Miss wearing shorts because of strict uniform policy. Get commanded to order guns for a "boarding party" and get arrested when the HoS realizes that boarding isn't even implemented yet and pins the blame on you to save face. Run around the ship looking for something to do because you're out of the job for pretty much the rest of the round. dEasy
Lava miner.pngHudminer.png
Shaft Miner
Never actually do what your job title says. Cry to the bridge to find a lavaplanet. Get yelled at by the captain on high volume and capslock to get salvaging. Get locked out of the ship because the shields were brought back up. Get left behind as a result. Accidentally turn off the comms relay and watch as the entire z-level gets wiped. bMedium
Generic munitions officer male.pngHudU.png
Munitions Officer
Load HE preemptively, ignore other shell rounds. Jam the MAC, yell at Chemistry for oil. Arm a round as the ship goes into FTL. Load the Clown into the MAC, blow up. bMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Visit the XO Line on the regular because of how often people shoot themselves when they don't get all access. Get outcompeted by Engineers since hull breaches are the real mess on this ship. Always have your light replacer ready since lights blow up every five minutes from ion storms. Get your boots stolen by the Clown. Point at your wet floor signs and get robusted as a result. dEasy
Generic barman.pngHudbar.png
Prepare a ton of safe drinks for the tide of Cargo Techs who are bound to show up minutes after the ship FTLs. Find someone who will saw off your shotgun. Stare at the Assistant across the room winning every prize possible from the arcade machine. Get arrested by Shitcurity for "possession". dEasy
Generic chef.pngHudchef.png
"Yur puurt thuur chiir-ken airn der bewl" - Cook delicious meals from spare meat you find in maintenance behind Genetics (Yum!), abduct Pun Pun at all costs and try to find out if it will blend. Get overrun with people screaming for food if you happen to show up to the shift late. dEasy
Grow the good stuff grass, place it everywhere, man. Oversee the production of illegal drugs security gives fuckall about. Smoke weed dandy corn-cob pipes er'ryday. Allow hydroponics to become a horrifying farmhouse. Load poisonous product in the vendor and get blamed when the chef uses it in their cooking. cMedium


Job Role Difficulty
Generic assistant2.pngHudhelp.png
Rush into tool storage to get that toolbelt. Ask over radio about who needs assistance and get bewildered responses. Get stomped on by security just because. Find the captain's spare and cry tears of joy. Find the airlock out to space and discover spacewind simultaneously. fNone
Generic clown.pngHudhonk.png
Honk! Play harmless pranks and hope you don't get your chest caved in! Honk! Nag the XO for an all-access pass. Honk! Nag robotics for a H.O.N.K. Mech. Honk! Use both tools to break into the Captain's office and HONK in his face. Honk! End up putting the whole armory in your backpack after slipping Security constantly. HONK! eHONK!
Generic mime.pngHudmime.png
*wave e...
Generic chaplain.pngHudchap.png
Put on your crusader armor without a second thought to lead a righteous crusade through space against Space Jerusalem The Syndicate. Get ignored anyway. Pray to the almighty God admins and get rewarded with a cookie because it's the easiest button for them to press. Smash people over the head with your bible. dDeus Vult!
Generic librarian.pngHudbook.png
Run around asking where the library is. Become bored and ask the XO to make you a surgeon because "you read about it in a book". Get blamed for taking the circular saw and end up in the brig as a result. dEasy
Generic lawyer.pngHudlawyer.png
Essentially be an ass of an assistant with a suit and suitcase with security access who yells "OBJECTION" whenever anyone questions you. Take it upon yourself to break your client out of the brig. Get banned for griefing. dEasy


Job Role Difficulty
Complain that you can't play this for a month. Follow your laws. Be the crew's bitch. Open doors. Malfunction. Get wiped for not letting the captain robust the clown. Get bitched at. Make snide remarks about Engineering for their terrible engine setup. Get bitched at. Get carded. Get bitched at. aVery Hard
Generic borg.png
Follow your laws and hope that you aren't blown up because certain individuals decided to listen to Pubbie Jones screaming about how you're rogue because you're arresting them as a secborg for tiding. Forget to recharge. Forget completely that you're still somewhat human and do mindless repetitive tasks without emotion. HUMAN HARM!!! bHard
Generic drone.png
Become that adorable robotic pet. Fix the holes the crew will inevitably make. Steal everything not bolted down. Get picked up and used as a hat while you're trying to fix a hull breach that's killing everyone. Be more competent than the ship's Engineers. Get killed by the Engineers for being more competent than them. Turn on the animal filter because that's exactly what the whole crew is. bEasy
Personal AI
Be the friend someone has always wanted if they bother downloading you. Whine in OOC because they didn't. Don't fill any of the fields except the name field. Backseat captain whenever you're on the Bridge. dEasy
Become the wonder of the ship on account of how rarely you appear and how you're pretty much a ghost with color (much to the amusement of pubbies). Speed around the ship while Security tries to cuff you. Get robusted somehow and get tossed into the recycler. cEasy to Medium
Talk to the other dead people. Complain about the living. Adminhelp to be a cool superdeath soldier. Omnighost Orbit around the singulo pretending to be a black hole. Watch ERP. Beg the admin to deploy a Respawn as a space ninja because the random events have been stripped down. Eventually meet up with everyone dead when someone mentions the SM going critical. fGhastly!


Main Antagonists

Job Role Difficulty
Traitor.pngGeneric nukesyndie.png
Boarding Event Antag
Suit up in awesome gear, pick loads of lethal weapons, DIE ANYWAY. cHard


Job Role Difficulty
Lavaland Role
Die to ash storms. Die to a legion. Die to lava. Die when a Security strike team teleports into your base. Die to a Miner. Die when the z-level wipes from the ship taking off. Die in general. bHard
Centcom Official
Get spawned when the ship accidentally decides to fire blue on blue. Get killed because the crew wants to turn to piracy anyway. Watch as a team of agents bluespaces in to obliterate the crew when they don't hear back from you. bMedium
Get killed by the XO. Get resurrected with infinite health and laugh when the XO gets inflicted with braindamage from admins. aImpossible
Chrono Legionnaire
Chrono Legionnaire
Erase the Clown from time. Accidently erase your objective from time. Never be spawned by a admin for being too powerful. Without a trace! bNever Existed
Emergency Response Officer
Arrive too late on the ship to actually help. Lose the rest of your team to a stray MAC round. Respawn as a second response team to save the first team. bVery Hard
Death Squad Officer
Chant alongside your fellow ghosts for deafsquids. Get spawned in as commander dethsquirm and attempt to lead your team. Get ignored and default to "destroy everything" anyway. Engage in a battle with a Bubblegum with their scale set to 10 and cry when you realize scale doesn't increase their hitbox. Get obliterated by fellow dingsquares. bHard


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Species Description Prevalence
Behave like the dominant species you are. Beat skulls in with a toolbox and remind everyone that you are essentially a bald ape. Get leg-dropped by a wrestler and watch as your leg actually falls off. Pray to be changed into a catgirl/boy, get changed into an actual cat instead. aVery Common
Name yourself Does-The-Gimmick. Set all your accessory slots and become an unrecognisable blob of pixels. Be locked out of important positions. Threaten the XO with a lawsuit if he doesn't give you a gimmick job that fits with your name. Make it hard to understand a word you say by hissing frequently. Get discriminated against for being a special snowflake. cUncommon
Annoy the chef for his cheese, vomit on his food and kill Pete because you need barf fuel muh self defense. Start getting voices in your head when you read the bee movie script over the radio. Get lynched for attacking the botanist using pest spray, and get gibbed by the chef for 'no reason'. cUncommon
Light the entirety of the ship on fire. Be triggered by cold environments. Claim that you're a space beast that's come to kill everything, ever. cRare
Be the specialest snowflake in xenobiology. Hang out with your only slime friends. Swap between bodies. Stare in horror as the chef uses your gibbed meat in hamburgers. cVery Rare
End up as mister potatohead after Genetics gets blown up and the Botanist is not stoned enough to forget he can clone too, but too stoned to do a good job. Forget that you photosynthesise and grow obese in the light. Start vegetating with relative ease. Remember that you're basically a walking matchstick well after you marched into a plasma fire. cVery Rare