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Starter FTL-Specific Medical Engineering Science Security Antagonists Other Development

FTL13 Specific Guides

Guides that only apply to our server because of unique features, jobs, etc. Look here if you are already familiar with SS13.

Starter Guides

Guides made to make your first steps on the station a lot easier (and to remind you older players about some things).

Medical Guides

Guides for keeping the crew alive.

Engineering Guides

Guides for constructing, repairing and keeping the station hospitable.

Science Guides

Guides on how to SCIENCE!

Security Guides

These guides will help you keep peace on the station.

Antagonist Guides

By now you've probably noticed that most of the job and/or location -pages have the last chapter dedicated to tips for antagonists. Here are a few guides dedicated to that.

Development and Contribution Guides

Guides to help you improve the game, wiki and such.

Other Guides

These guides didn't fit into any other category.

While you're here, be sure to check out the category page as it may contain some things that aren't listed here.