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Recreational Area
A holy, quiet place for those who seek peace of mind in a dingy and cramped alcove off of maintenance.
Obvious exits Maintenance east
Purpose To hold sermons, listen to crew members' confessions and arranging burials for the fallen comrades
Access level Chapel, Maintenance
Noteworthy contents Null rod
Clearance Anyone
Security level Low
Style Chapel
Balance Requirements
Other Notes Aetherwhisp exclusive
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This is where the Chaplain starts his shift. It is situated at the port-aft end of the ship in maintenance behind Security and the Shield Generator.

Given how small this room is, don't expect many people to hang out around here, let alone attend sermons. It's more of an office than an actual chapel and only good things can ever happen here.

Occasionally cults will use the Chapel as their base, both for stylistic reasons and because they can generally be sure that most people will not bother go inside, ever.