Quartermaster's Office

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Supply Area
QM Office.png
Quartermaster's Office
A more quiet place for the QM to sort out his/her forms.
Obvious exits Cargo Bay south
Purpose Office for the Quartermaster to make orders and suffer claustrophobia.
Access level
Noteworthy contents Mining Station Camera Computer, Mining Shuttle Console, Quartermaster's equipment
Clearance Captain, Executive Officer, Quartermaster
Security level Low
Style Trash outlet/post office
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes Aetherwhisp exclusive
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This is where the Quartermaster starts his shift. Quartermaster access is required to enter. It is stuffed with paper, paper, and more paper. Also includes some spare QM equipment and the QM's precious Quartermaster's Stamp. In case the rest of cargo runs out of power, you have your own private Supply Shuttle Console to use.

The Mining Dock is a short walk away to the west out of cargo, in case you wanted to see what the miners are doing if they're not already out salvaging.