Escape Shuttle Hallway

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General Area
Escape Shuttle Hallway
The place where everyone piles up just before the shuttle arrives.
Obvious exits Starboard Primary Hallway west, Library south-east, Kitchen and Botany south-west, Escape Shuttle east, Maintenance south
Purpose To offer a safe place for people to sprint towards the Escape Shuttle
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents A Robust Softdrinks-vending machine and an arcade machine.
Clearance Everyone
Security level Low
Style Hallway
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes Aetherwhisp Exclusive
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Otherwise known as the Escape Arm, this is the area at the far end of the Starboard Primary Hallway where the Escape Shuttle docks. It is usually filled with hull breaches, plasma, fire, rogue borgs, lube, xenos, blockades, shocked doors, or is just depressurized from a MAC round given it's size in the final minutes before the shuttle takes off. This area has one of the highest death rates in the game, so watch yourself. The external airlocks are all-access, so be careful not to space yourself accidentally. Chances are the doors will be welded shut and/or the doors will be hacked and bolted shut, forcing your resident engineer to create a fresh hole in the hull to get to the shuttle.

Nearby to the south-east is the Library, a much quieter place to wait for the shuttle, and to the south-west are Hydroponics and the Kitchen which will likely have gibs spewing over the counter tripping everyone. To the north is a Security checkpoint which is often forgotten about.

If on the NSV Astraeus, see here.