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General Area
Escape Pods In Arrivals.png
Escape Pods
in Arrivals
Escape wing has been bombed! Get to the pods!
Obvious exits Port Primary Hallway north
Purpose An alternative choice to evacuate the station
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents Two chairs and an intercom inside
Clearance Everyone
Security level Low
Style Pod
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes Aetherwhisp exclusive
Jobstemp.png Locations on FTL13

The escape pods are small autopilot vessels designed to evacuate those crew members who cannot reach the main Escape Shuttle. Due to recent Nanotrasen policy changes, escape pods no longer evacuate to a gibbing chamber and are instead picked up by a salvage vessel.

Pod Locations

There are two escape pods located on the NRV Aetherwhisp in Arrivals.

how do i shot pod

All escape pods will launch when the escape shuttle launches, taking with them anyone who is currently inside them. Like with the escape shuttle, people who are on the window and door tiles of the pods will also escape; you can use this to carry more than two people in one pod (or just have people lay down). When people are laying down, you can stack an unlimited number of people on one tile, so if someone manages to make the escape shuttle unreachable, expect a dogpile in those two little pods. If you stand up in one of these situations, expect to be clubbed to death or spaced as people scramble to get aboard.

In emergencies, pods can also be launched to the Asteroid. The safe in the pod wall contains emergency EVA gear and a pickaxe to dig yourself out the rock.