Locker Room

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Recreational Area
Locker Room
A great place to hide traitorous shit due to the Personal Lockers no one ever checks. Also a great place to come if you're on the run from the law to slip into a disguise.
Obvious exits Starboard Primary Hallway south, Maintenance north
Purpose Holding spare apparel for the crew
Access level Public
Noteworthy contents Bags, Headsets, Jumpsuits, Shoes, Hats, Suits, Personal Lockers, mirrors for changing hairstyles
Clearance Lockers need an ID card. First come, first serve
Security level None
Style Locker room
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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Main Area

The main locker rooms contains nine Personal Lockers which contain a spare Headset, and a Backpack or Satchel. Interesting clothes also spawn on the southern rack each round for whatever silly gimmicks you wanna do with them. There is also a toolbox on the northern table next to a pAI (under the oddly placed sink).

There's also a bag of die that you can use for whatever silly game you wanna play with unwilling fellow crew members.