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Command Area
Dispense and load ammo, blow up accidentally because the WO can't make up his mind!
Obvious exits Port Primary Hallway north, Bridge south // Bridge North
Purpose Load rounds and blow up accidentally! the enemy.
Access level Munitions
Noteworthy contents Round dispeners, Insulated Gloves, Earmuffs, EOD Suit, MAC Cannon
Clearance Captain, Executive Officer, Munitions Officer
Security level High
Style Weapons platform
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Welcome to the MACaroni Cannon, possibly one of the coolest things on the whole ship, and with complicated yet firm mechanics!

For a more in depth guide, use this.

The Dispenser


This is where shells come from, being dispensed onto the conveyor belt and straight into the breech (if it's open, that is. Make sure it is.) Your three options are HE (High Explosive), Homing, and Shield Piercing, each having their own damage and mechanics. To dispense a shell, go to the small alcove in the west end of the room and operate the console, and dispense whichever shell you want. You'll want to listen to your superiors about what shell to use, but HE is a good round to load all together. The shell should appear on the conveyor belt ready to be loaded.

The Cannon


This beauty is the Mass Accelerator Cannon, also known as The MAC or Macaroni, and works like a cannon on a tank in real life, both in function and in it's dangers if not operated properly. Before you touch the conveyors you'll want to click on the rear (west end) of the cannon to extend the breech. Make sure you're not in the way! Sit in the chair and click if you're not sure. If anything is in the way when the breech opens then it'll be tossed out of the way, painfully, and if a shell is in the way then you're in for a bad time. Open the breech and activate the conveyor to have the shell load directly into the breech, hands free!
Next, and this is important and dangerous, you'll want to grab the multitool from the table and click on the shell. This will arm the round, making it ready to explode, so don't mess around with it! You can also disarm it with the multitool just in case. Once it's armed, click the cannon and the breech should close, sealing the round inside, ready to fire. DON'T OPEN THE BREECH EVER UNLESS THE CANNON HAS ALREADY FIRED!! It's a good idea to yell over the radio that you've loaded a round into the cannon.
Once the cannon has fired, the round has been spent, and opening the breech launches the casing out. Being in the way of the spent casing is not good for your health, either. Rinse and repeat. The cannon can fire things other than shells, too.


In order to fire the cannon, you'll need to fire it from the Weapon's Console, which is probably already being operated by bridge officers, but if it isn't then you can wander over to the bridge, click the console, find the MAC Cannon heading, and hit fire. Done! Now reload!

Gun's Jammed!

If you opened and closed the cannon enough because you thought it was the coolest thing ever by BYOND standards, the breech might decide that it doesn't want to move anymore, and will stiffen up! Now you've done it! The truth is this was bound to happen sooner or later, but as long as that breech is stuck, this cannon won't be firing. This can be remedied, however, with a breaker of oil, and if you're reading this guide before the ship has undocked and set off on its mission, it might be a good idea to run over to Chemistry and ask for a beaker of oil just in case. Please do not open and close the cannon just to spite everyone and ruin the cannon. This can be considered sabotage and can be punished accordingly.


Chances are you barely skimmed through the guide (or didn't even read it), ignored the popup window about there being live ammo in the breech, and blew up Munitions! Good one! Chances are you'll be contacted by an admin for a stern talking-to!