Waste Disposal

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Upkeep Area
Waste Disposal crop.png
Waste Disposal
Watch out for space hobos!
Obvious exits East to maintenance
Purpose For launching the waste into space
Access level Maintenance
Noteworthy contents Hopefully nothing but trash
Clearance Anyone with maintenance access
Security level Low
Style Waste disposal
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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Waste Disposal is a maintenance area near tech storage. It is typically worked by Cargo Technicians and the Janitor.

The final destination of all those items that get disposed of properly. Anything flushed down a toilet will also end up here. The lever controls the conveyor system while the button on the wall controls the blast door and mass driver.

The AI has no cameras in this area, making it the perfect location to pursue less-than-noble activities.

The Crusher

Items will initially come out the top left disposal chute, whereupon they will enter the crusher (if the conveyor system is switched on). Now, the crusher can be a very useful device for all types of people due to its unique abilities. The crusher, when provided with material, has a random chance to turn these materials into either glass, metal, or plasteel. These items then proceed down the conveyor into the stacking machine below. When materials are released from this, the items will be sent back around the station to somewhere. If nobody is watching, items will pass through back into the crusher. So be watching!

Examining the crusher will tell you that it has three lights: power, safety-mode, and safety-sensors.

The crusher (and conveyor system) will not work without equipment power. Power light "on" means the crusher is powered. Hooray.

The Safety-mode light turns on when the safety-sensors are on and an item enters the crusher that cannot be crushed. Anything that is an instance of mob/living cannot be crushed. The nuke disk can't be crushed either (but I imagine it'd just respawn if it could be).

Safety-mode is the important light here. This dictates whether or not the crusher will crush living things. This light is on by default, so you're good as long as nothing goes wrong at all.

If you happen to be in possession of an emag, then the crusher becomes deadly to anything to pass through its metal jaws. Emagging the crusher means that anything that is not human (this includes aliens and silicons) will be gibbed upon entering the crusher. Anything that is human will scream delightfully horrifically upon entering the crusher and will be subsequently (read: instantly) killed. All items on the person will be destroyed as well. You can tell that the crusher is emagged because the safety-mode light will be off. That, and it'll probably have blood on the gears if something living has passed through it. To fix an emagged crusher, simply use a screwdriver on it.