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Supply Area
Cargo Office
Home of the Autolathe.
Obvious exits Foyer East, Cargo Bay West, Delivery Room East
Purpose Getting multitools and insulated gloves into the hands of Assistants.
Access level Cargo Office
Noteworthy contents Autolathe, Medkit, Order Request Console
Clearance Captain, Head of Personnel, Quartermaster, Shaft Miner, Cargo Technician
Security level Low
Style Supply requisition
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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This is the common space between Cargo Technicians and Shaft Miners used to take in orders from the crew, process them, then ship them out. To the left is the Cargo Loading Area, and to the south is the Mining Dock and Quartermaster's Office. The room on the upper right is the Delivery Office.

Requires Cargo Office access.


  • Supply Shuttle Console
  • Order Request Console
  • Stock Market Console
  • Photocopier

And the star of the show...

Autolathe.png Autolathe

Not to be confused with the Protolathe. An autolathe is a fabricator of the not-so-fancy, but still necessary basic tools and materials. It must be filled with a certain amount of metal or glass before being able to create these items, and it can also break down these items into glass and metal if needed. To feed items into the autolathe click on it with a creatable item.

It can be hacked to create more items, electrocute anyone without gloves who touches it, or simply cease to function.

You can construct your very own autolathe as well.

List of items available

List of items added when hacked