Law Office

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Security Area
Law Office
Helping others is never more beneficial than when it's in your own self-interest.
Obvious exits North Primary Hallway north
Purpose For the lawyer to hold small meetings with his clients or just to stalk for the next case going past his office towards the brig
Access level Security
Noteworthy contents Lawyer equipment locker
Clearance Head of Security, Lawyer
Security level Low
Style Office
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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This is where Lawyers go to die. It's located just outside the Security Sector, and requires Law Office access. It's hardly ever used as the lawyer spends most of his time in the brig (fighting for your rights), in the courtroom (screaming OBJECTION! for your rights), in the brig (arrested for fighting for your rights) or in the bar (after being arrested for fighting for your rights). Still, it has a nice view of the Brig's doors, allowing you to spring into action the moment you see security drag someone in.

At the very least, you have a handy monitor that allows you to check on the prisoners in the Prison Wing. There's also a button to shade the windows, so lawyers can privately meet with their clients.

The locker contains both of the normal lawyer outfits as well as two unique lawyer jumpsuits. Remember: stylish lawyers win cases.