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Science Area
Toxins metastation.png
Toxins Laboratory
The bomb factory.
Obvious exits Research Division south
Purpose To develop explosives for mining or for destroying the singularity if it happens to escape
Access level
Noteworthy contents Six tank transfer valves, oxygen & plasma tank storage unit, two canisters, two bomb suits, two scientist's lockers
Clearance Captain, Research Director, Scientists
Security level High
Style Laboratory/Storage/Bomb test site
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The Toxins Mixing consists of three facilities, they are (from port to starboard): Toxins Storage, Toxins Lab and Toxins Test Chamber.

This lab focuses on exploring the possibilities of plasma gas, typically in the form of massive explosions. Also attached to the east is the Launch Room, where you can use a mass driver to send bombs to the Toxins Test Chamber.

The mixing room is equipped with an assortment of bomb-making tools including a gas mixing chamber, a piping system and the precious tank transfer valves.

Bomb making is not all that easy though, as the Toxins Research Lab is really prone to outbursts of plasma, fire, plasma that's on fire, or even plasma that's on fire and spreading N2O.

Requires Toxins Lab access to enter.

Toxin Laboratory Procedure

  • Internals required at all time.
  • Explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) suit is required when dealing with explosives.
  • Ensure that no dangerous gas escapes to the station.
  • Release all plasma into space when done.
  • Decontamination and medical examination.

Toxins Storage

Toxins Storage.png

Stores air canisters holding every kind of gas you would ever need. As toxin leaks from this room are very dangerous and difficult to clean out, the room is equipped with two high-powered scrubbers (that need to be turned on otherwise they're useless). If this room gets set on fire, it will never stop burning. Contents: five canisters full of plasma, two canisters of CO2, two canisters of N2O and four canisters of O2.

Requires Toxins Lab access.

Toxins Test Chamber

Detached from the rest of the station towards the east of Toxins Mixing is the large, empty, airless and unheated room used to test bombs. It has several cameras that can be accessed from the Launch Room. It is essentially the goal of every scientist to completely demolish this place, also follows the same principles of the Vacant Office

Science Area
Toxins Test Chamber
Also referred to as the Bomb Range, this is the large block of metal floating just to the east of Research Division. It is where you should be testing your bombs. You can't call yourself a scientist until you have destroyed this place.
Obvious exits Space west.
Purpose A clear spot to test bombs.
Access level External Airlocks
Noteworthy contents Two oxygen lockers.
Clearance No access requirement
Security level Low
Style Test site
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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While the Toxins Test Chamber has air, it has no vents to replace escaping air from opening doors, and it has no heat, so it is not survivable without a space suit. This makes it a favorite location for corpse storage, powersinks, and Alien hives.